Ladies in Red

DSC_0017The ladybug entourage seems to be moving on, but darn it, I’m not ready to see them go. They still have aphids to eat, people to see. It’s too soon!  I’ve being watching intently, but I don’t see a lot of bug noshing. I guess their time has come.

I’ll be making another trip to the garden center for another batch this weekend.  Meanwhile, here are a few candid shots before they fly away home.

ladybug container releasing ladybugs Ladybugs eating aphidsHappy Friday!  I’ll be back with more ladies in red next week.

16 thoughts on “Ladies in Red

  1. You go to the store and pay good money for them, take them home and free them from the captivity of their plastic container and then they don’t stick around? That’s ingratitude for you! I suppose somebody else’s bugs are greener …..


    • You are probably right! I need to research the life cycle. According to the packaging they’ll feed for a few days, then lay eggs. Given how small they would be, though, I don’t think I would notice. If I suddenly get a new crop, I’ll know what happened. You’ll be among the first to know. 🙂


  2. Silly me – I had no idea you could buy ladybugs! I remember when I worked for USAir (I was a ramp agent VERY briefly, usually worked ticket counter or gate) and we would ship a lot of live crickets. I assume they were used for bait. They made quite a racket! I heard ladybugs were becoming scarce awhile back – hope they are back up to high numbers again. I don’t see too many of them.


  3. What is it about ladybugs that make you feel like a 10 year old. I bet if you had them all on you they would tickle. There seemed to be a bunch of them around in the composting leaves last fall. Did you see the giant one in my post the other day. They were in a garden bed at a winery and probably 4 feet high and just as wide. I wonder how the company that sells them, collects them for sale?


  4. Would you buy them just to release them, even if you didn’t have plants with aphids? Or would they just fly away and not stay if there isn’t obvious “food” in your yard?


  5. I’ve never bought lady bugs … I did have them invade my home one year. And it just didn’t bother me as if I’d been invaded by something else (like stink bugs)


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