Celebrating the 4th

red, white and blue for the 4th

Showing our colors, gardening style with blue Delphinium and red and white petunias

Tomorrow is Independence Day in the States, simply referred to as ‘the 4th.’  Many years ago one of my teachers presented us with a series of logic questions including ‘do other countries have the 4th of July?’  Of course the answer was, ‘yes’ referring to the date, not the occasion.  I probably got it wrong too, but hey, I learned from my mistake.

On the subject of mistakes, here are a few to avoid altogether, as told from the perspective of a garden fairy:

Keep your animals indoors.  More animals go missing on July 4th than on any other day of the year. The fairy garden critters are under wraps for the next 24 hours. Please keep your cats and dogs, deers and frogs safely indoors as well.

Safe and sane fireworks.  Anything with the word ‘fire’ in it deserves our respect.  I’ve set up extra chairs and few lichen-covered logs for fairy garden fireworks viewing at a safe distance from all the action.  If you’re watching the works, be sure to keep your distance, too.

4th of july fairy garden

Safe celebrations in the fairy garden

If you reside in the US, happy Independence Day.  Happy 4th of July to everyone else.  😉

6 thoughts on “Celebrating the 4th

  1. Because we’re in the country our neighbors put on a fireworks show worthy of any major city and we get to watch it all from the comfort of our own back yard.

    Happy Independence Day!


  2. When I lived in Iowa, Yellowbook (my company) put on a Fireworks show each year in their huge parking lot. I lived 1/2 a mile away, so we watched from our backyard. That’s the closest I’ve ever lived to an actual public display


  3. I would have been tricked by that teacher, sneaky question 😀 I love what your fairies have done in the garden. Those little tiny chairs are just perfect. Where ever did you find them. I think I told you once that the biggest fireworks show I’ve ever seen was in Irvington Virginia at The Tides Inn. They went on forever and were really amazing. I hope everyone with pets took your advise too. So scary for our fury friends to be lost in a crowd. Hope you survived the heat and had an awesome time. On a personal note, thanks so much for taking the time to email me on such a busy day. You’re in my heart today and always xK


    • And you in mine, dear one.

      Yes…sneaky question indeed! I wish I could remember some of the others.

      So, those little chairs are actually part of a game I bought a decade ago. You’re supposed to stack the chairs until one falls. It came with 12 chairs, in three colors and several shapes. At the time I was the co-chair of a non-profit event called Cool Stuff. We had a chair-ity auction where we paired famous people’s chairs with artists. I bought the games as a thank you to my team. I also bought myself one of the games, and had everyone autograph each of my chairs. It’s such a fun memento. They are perfect in the fairy garden, especially the red ones this time of year.

      Thanks for your thoughtful words.


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