A Compost We Will Grow

Pumpkin Seedlling with seed attached

What the well dressed pumpkin seedlings are wearing this season.

I popped the lid off the green compost bin and oh, what a surprise.

Along side the rotting leaves and decaying kitchen scraps, there is a lot of growing going on. The first thing I noticed: the pumpkins! They’re enjoying the warmth and shelter inside the bin. I’m surprised though that they’ve found enough light. Will you look at them growing so tall and straight?

Lanky blades of grass are also taking root, along with sprouts of a to-be-determined nature.  I’m using an old Rubbermaid bin for additional composting, since I quickly filled my tumbling composter.  It’s hard to get leverage with the shovel, however, so I’m not turning it as often as I should. Now I don’t have the heart.

Pumpkin Sprout

Happy Sprout

Mushrooms in compost

Finding Nemo?

Sprouting mushrooms are right at home, the more predictable compost heap resident. The silver cap would look great in the fairy garden, but I’m resisting temptation. Its questionable origin makes it an unsafe bet for a tiny garden with small visitors. It’s cute though…if you’re into grey flowers.

Mushrooms in compost

Grey Blooms: Tim Burton Inspiration

12 thoughts on “A Compost We Will Grow

  1. Wow even your soon-to-be garden gold wants to grow, now that’s the sign of a healthy compost. It’s a funny correlation between grey blooms and Tim Burton…haha, he can be pretty macabre, all be it in a PG, family friendly sort of way….what a guy right? Love his style! You’re so darn gentle to nature, you don’t want to upset plants growing in the compost bin. ((Alys)) you’re adorable. Maybe you can rescue the pumpkin and sprout? Last week a cow escaped from a plant near Edmonton and to try and get her to come back to the yard they released a bull…We’ll then they couldn’t get either one to come back, LOL and who could blame them. I’m watching the news, yelling run…don’t look back…run! They had cops on ski-doo’s and all. Finally they had to tranquilize them and take them back to the farm since they can’t be ate after the injection…HAHA..LOVED it.


    • Tim Burton is an original and yes, quite Macabre. Love him, though. Sharon is also a big fan.

      I’m pleased with the compost but giggling at all those pumpkins. The lows are going back down to mid thirties, so I don’t know if they’ last. That said, it is nice and warm in there. We’ll see.

      Thanks for your kind words. I’ve been teased all my life for my desire to honor all life to the extent possible. I can’t stand flies in the house, but I don’t like to swat them either. I let them out through the kitchen window where they congregate in the summer months.

      I do love that cow story. That would make a fascinating blog post in itself. Thanks for your always-thoughtful words and gentle ways.



      • Aww, welcome, and score one for vegetarians, Ha. I’ve been in the craft room for two days except for a walk to our rink, which unfortunately has closed due to warm weather, yet in Calgary last night they got a giant snow storm. We were lucky to miss it….for now. The weather here has been fickled.


    • Yes…spring is just weeks away.

      Did you leave your tomatoes to grow in the compost, or did you transplant them?

      Our temps are back down to low 36 at night later this week. These wonderful days must be savored when they arrive.


  2. One year the only peas I had growing were out of the compost pile. I didn’t disturb it until the peas had run their course. Another thing, compost piles are forgiving and even when they loose their heat you just stir them up, add a little water and they come right back up. It does help when the weather gets warmer.


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