Look Ma, No Ads!

A little housekeeping was in order at gardeningnirvana.  First up, no more ads!  When I started this blog I had two to five “hits” a day, so I guess WordPress couldn’t be bothered.  Then my following grew.  Hurray and thank you. At some point, ads magically appeared at the end of each post. I never saw the ads, and didn’t know they were there until a friend pointed them out.

I hope you enjoy the ad-free experience.

Next up, I created a new page featuring my various iterations of a fairy garden.  I started one on a whim, and had so much fun, that I’ve kept it up all year.  It’s a terrific creative outlet.  It’s also a way to garden on a smaller scale.  If time or space is limited, you might want to give it a go. You can see photos of the miniature garden evolution at Fairy Garden Frivolity.

Thanks for reading, commenting and liking my posts. I look forward to logging on every day.

Fairy Garden Collage

11 thoughts on “Look Ma, No Ads!

  1. Where did you first see the idea for creating a fairy garden? I love that it is ever changing. It’s fun to see each new idea! I’m curious. How did you get the ads to disappear?


    • Sharon, when I volunteered at the Bagby Garden, the coordinator put together a little class for the kids. I didn’t attend, but it “planted the seed” so to speak. Earlier this year, I thought it would be fun to try one of my own. I had so much fun, that I’ve been at it ever since.


  2. Gee, I didn’t know that either Alys. I guess I never see the ads because I’m logged in to my reader. Love the freshness of your page today. Is that Lilies in the wallpaper or maybe your Cyclamens? We were watching the news tonight and saw that it had flooded somewheres in California because of heavy rains, I hope that isn’t affecting you. I’m thinking of registering my Blog name as a Domain name since I wouldn’t want someone else to use it. Was there any transition pains when you went .com?


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