Blooming Thursday: Vibrant Purples, Passionate Reds, No Rain

The good news: I took these photos without getting drenched in the rain.  The bad news: I took these photos without getting…drenched in the rain.  I had such high hopes.  To quote our local morning paper: “‘Rainfall Amounts Minimal’: Anticipated storm turns into sprinkle.  Sigh.

The paper went on to say, “Broader downpour expected over next few days,” so I’m thinking I should go wash my car after I hang a silk blouse outdoors on the branch of a tree.

Meanwhile, three cheers for drip irrigation!

Here’s what’s blooming this Thursday:

The fairy garden is back outside, resting on the forged iron bench.  I wove several fir branches along the back, and in a matter of minutes had a lovely spray of greens. Those little cyclamen prefer the cool air, so all is well.

Guess what?  The pansies and bulbs remain firmly planted.  I mulched the pots with rough gravel to deter the squirrels.  Weeks in, it’s still working.  They haven’t unearthed a thing.

Lavender still blooms, grazing the edges of the front deck

This cyclamen came back from last year, joined by two others under the Magnolia tree. The fuchsia centers just send me.

Coral Bells make my heart sing.

I’m heading outdoors to do my best rain dance.  I’ll keep you posted.

What’s blooming in your neck of the woods?

11 thoughts on “Blooming Thursday: Vibrant Purples, Passionate Reds, No Rain

  1. Alys- I was hoping it would rain a lot and then stop in time for the Los gatos parade on Saturday (it takes place rain or shine) since Blythe is marching in it with color guard. Your garden looks so beautiful as always- the pansies remind me of my Mom-she always loved them!


    • Oh Betsy, sorry to hear it will rain on your parade. (Sorry, I had to say it ;-0)

      Best of luck to Blythe. With luck, she’ll march between weather fronts.

      I know how much you miss your mom. I hope the picture wasn’t bittersweet. Thanks for commenting.


  2. I was thinking of you earlier tonight when I watched the Ellen I had recorded when I went out to have lunch with Adele. Ellen was saying hello to some girls on the street. They were taking pictures at her Star on the sidewalk and it was raining. I see by your replies it has started to rain for you now…yahoo. Everything looks so pretty in your garden. The pansy’s are my favourite. Unfortunately, there’s nothing blooming in Edmonton today…can you say ‘deep freeze’ LOL. It’s like a sunny oasis here at Gardening Nirvana, thanks Alys.


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