Bottoms Up: Potted Hole in One

The strangest things amuse me. While making the garden rounds this week, I noticed an empty pot near the fence.  Tiny baby tears started growing through the bottom hole. I have no recollection of leaving the pot there, but it’s been long enough for the ground cover to take hold.  Now I’m compelled to leave it to see how far it grows. It makes me smile.

Baby Tears Popping UpBaby TearsIn keeping with the theme of the day, I noticed a small clay pot, hand painted by my son when he was younger. It “travels” around the garden, a happy reminder of him. I upended the clay pot and left it in one of the patio planters at summer’s end. I didn’t know their was a bulb just below.  I guess if you’re used to living beneath the soil line for many months, a little old pot isn’t going to slow you down.  The as yet unidentified bulb shot up through the hole an entire foot before I noticed it.  It looks so purposeful.  I can’t wait to point it out to my son. I know he’ll be pleased.

Bulb Breakthrough

So, I’ve been thinking.  Wouldn’t it be fun to scatter empty pots around the garden to see what populates or propagates?  I’m going to give that idea some careful thought.

Bottoms up!

11 thoughts on “Bottoms Up: Potted Hole in One

  1. You have a unique perspective on everything Alys, I love that about you. It’s just a wonderful trait to take along with you through life and a good reminder for me to stop, look & enjoy nature. Even in the north. Tomorrow, it’s my plan to stop and listen for a bird, who knows what else I’ll see. Thanks for opening my eyes.


      • Well we had a two magpies in our tree out front, I saw the cats run to the window with their tales wagging. They don’t have a pretty song, but I guess the cats enjoyed them. We need a sunny day for some of the little birds to come out. I guess tommorrow is suppose to warm up a tad. Fingers crossed. Glad you had a nice day…I wonder what kind of birds…were they going south?


        • They might have been seagulls. They come inland whenever we have a big storm. We do have geese hanging out at the local schools and parks (thank you!). We also have big crows but I don’t see them fly in large formations.

          I’m still seeing hummers at the feeders and wondering if they migrated here or stayed put. I enjoy them all, regardless of their permanent residency. 🙂


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