Organic Flower Essence Therapy: Soothe Your Cares Away

My friend Sheryl is a talented artist and the creator of Mama Love, a line of organic flower essence aromatherapy.  Anyone who’s walked through the garden on a warm spring day can appreciate the power of the flower. Lavender calms the mind and relieves stress and tension. It’s a favorite among midwives and birth doulas. Rose oil is frequently recommended by aromatherapists for its antidepressant and mood-boosting properties. I think nature provides what we need and has done so throughout time. We’ve lost site of that in recent years. It’s good to see a trend toward the basics.

Using the Flower Essence

I like adding a few drops of Mama Love oil to a hot bath, along with a cup of Epsom salts. The combination soothes and relaxes. You can dab them on like perfume as well.  They’re subtle so they don’t overwhelm the people around you. Have you ever had to politely hold your breath in an elevator to keep from being overwhelmed by someone’s cologne?  No fun.

Mama Love Flower Essence Aromatherapy

Mama Love Flower Essence Aromatherapy

What is Flower Essence Therapy?

According to Sheryl’s site, it’s “a system of healing developed by well-respected immunologist and homeopathic medical doctor Edward Bach. Working with a wide variety of patients just after World War I he came to the conclusion that a person’s emotional well-being and mental attitude had more to do with health and healing than any medicine he could offer. He eventually left his thriving London practice to move to the country to develop safe herbal homeopathics that addressed the most common emotional problems and their symptoms. His now world-famous Bach Flower Remedies were the result.”

Check out Sheryl’s shop on Etsy, where she also sells flower-inspired art work and greeting cards. She’s a cat person (like me!) This is her darling and opinionated cat, Chloe.**

Sheryl's Cat Chloe

Sheryl’s Cat Chloe

**To be honest, I think most cats are darling and opinionated.

Earth laughs in flowers. -Ralph Waldo Emerson


One thought on “Organic Flower Essence Therapy: Soothe Your Cares Away

  1. Sheryl certainly has an original product. The artwork reminds me of my heritage. Ukrainian women often wore colourful headscarfs. How does Sheryl pick which flowers are for which need? I’ve always loved the smell of fresh mowed lawn, it just makes you feel good. One of my favourite scented garden flowers is the simple snapdragon. When I worked at the garden centre, I’d never walk by without sticking my nose in the whole tray. I was always a little sad when they’d be all gone. You mentioned the warm bath. Funny, when we lived at the lake, I never wanted to fill a tub, far to decadent on a cistern. But I only used the jet tube here once since we moved…..I got bored sitting in there. I should have put on some music and lit candles…might give it another whirl, everyone raves about it.


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