Christmas in the Fairy Garden, Storm on the Way

We’ve got a storm headed our way. A gully washer. Serious wet stuff falling to the ground.

My UK friends are yawning about now, but “big rain” is unheard of in Silicon Valley. I’m pretty excited.  Everything in the garden perks up when it rains and we are well past due. I hope folks behind the wheel remember to take their time. The roads will be slicker than usual.

Knowing we’re in for the wet and windy, I temporarily moved the fairy garden indoors. Christmas is less than a month away, so I got busy decorating for the wee ones.


I bought a pair of miniature cyclamen with my nursery haul over the weekend. They look so cute next to the tiny Blue Fescue fairy house. The ground cover is holding up nicely, but the Fescue needed a trim. That done, I “planted” sprigs of holiday greens and added lights.

Miniature Cyclamen

Miniature Cyclamen

Sprucing Up the Fairy Garden

Sprucing Up the Fairy Garden


In light of the weather, I moved the chairs under cover and set up a table to go with them.  The “slip covers” are re-purposed wrappers from the Hydrangea. Some festive ribbon adds color to the base of the table.  I think I spotted a few tiny deer drinking nearby.  A few broken ornaments add a bit of cheer.   I pulled some dried flowers and berries from last week’s Thanksgiving arrangement.  They worked well over the entrance to the house and to add color to the table.

Fairy Christmas Table

Fairy Christmas Table

A Lovely View

A Lovely View

Entry Way

Entry Way

All set for the holidays!

If you haven’t tried fairy gardening, give it a whirl. It’s a fun, creative and relaxing way to garden on a small-scale. I like to challenge myself by reusing items from around the house.

The List

On Hand:

  • Two broken ornaments (archway, background)
  • Table (empty spool, scrap ribbon, paper flower)
  • Slipcovers (waterproof plant wrapper)
  • Dried berries, dried flowers (a floral gift from Thanksgiving)
  • Plastic deer (leftover from a children’s project)
  • Slate walkway (from a broken fountain)


  • Two miniature cyclamen
  • Waterproof lights

12 thoughts on “Christmas in the Fairy Garden, Storm on the Way

  1. You are so imaginative! I love seeing all the transformations in your fairy garden. They always look like somewhere’s I’d like to visit (If I was a fairy). I like the dear wandering in for a little rest. I’d say sorry to hear about the weather, but you seem quite pleased so….yah, a storm!!! ha. Hope it doesn’t get too windy!


  2. We’re happy to share our rain with you… but can you send some of your lovely sunshine over next Summer please? I hope you get chance to put your Wellies on and go for a splosh in the puddles 🙂
    Your fairy garden is so sweet – it’s on my to-do list for next year x


    • Oh, PJ, how I wish we could make that exchange. I would deliver it in person, too, if I knew how. I love the idea of a splosh in the puddles. Crazy me actually enjoyed sweeping up all the leaves in the gutter and on the deck after the first wave. The sun is out now. Next storm do by morning I think.

      I’m so glad you’re planning a fairy garden. Maybe a group of us will do it, and we can organize a blog hop. Wouldn’t that be fun?


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