Garden Calendars: Pretty and Practical

We have a calendar-giving tradition in our immediate family. Each Christmas I choose a wall calendar for the boys, based on current interests and trends. I usually buy my husband a sailing-themed calendar or to mix things up a bit, lighthouses. It will come as no shock to you that yours truly likes gardening calendars. Since the men in the house aren’t big shoppers, I’m free to choose my own.

I suppose in some ways, wall calendars are quaint. I’m a big technology fan, and rely on Outlook and an iPhone to keep track of personal, professional and family appointments. There is something reassuring, however, about a calendar hanging on the wall. I like to glance over at the date, or flip through the months looking for a holiday or the next full moon. The photographs or illustrations are always beautiful, a miniature piece of art that changes monthly.

Calendar to envelope collage

Calender to Envelope

In the past few years, I’ve re-purposed the prior years calendar. I like making envelopes, stickers and bookmarks, as well as gift tags to drop over a bottle of wine. It’s fun coming up with different ways to use the art.

Here are a few of my favorites for 2013:

Secret Garden Calendar

The Secret Garden Wall Calendar

“Hidden away from well-traveled paths, the secret garden possesses magical powers of restoration and rejuvenation. With a year of lush and luxurious retreats, The Secret Garden Calendar offers serenity with every glance.”

Who can resist a secret garden? Not me! What a great place to rest my eyes when I’m taking a break from the computer.  These calendar pages will make great envelopes too when the year is over.  It’s good to plan ahead.

“For everyone who is going or growing “green”! Original full-color illustrations dominate each monthly spread and are complemented by useful and entertaining gardening lore, timely advice, and fun facts. Plus, a region-specific chart identifies the best days and Moon phases for planting vegetables.”

I’ve purchased this calendar in the past and love it. It’s filled with useful tips and wonderful illustrations. For me, it harkens back to a seemingly simple time. Love it!

“Gardens and felines have a natural rapport. The cat’s stature brings it face-to-face with long-stemmed blooms, within easy pouncing distance of breeze-blown ornamental grasses, and a short hop from sun-warmed deck chairs. Weaving delicately through the potted plants or waiting in ambush for an unsuspecting bug, the household cat lives in regal symbiosis with backyard flora. Photographer Del Greger presents twelve new portraits of cats and flora in this calendar, each one paired with a cat-centric quotation.

All of Pomegranate’s calendars are printed using soy-based inks on FSC® Forest Stewardship Council™certified paper.”

Never mind that the cover reminds me of my darling Lindy, this calendar is gorgeous throughout.

Do you still use a wall calendar? What’s your favorite?

11 thoughts on “Garden Calendars: Pretty and Practical

  1. I bought a magical fairy calendar this year – it came with cute stickers for doctor’s appointments, days off of work or school, coffee breaks, birthdays and even one for “me time!”


  2. Very cool Alys. I love calendar’s, in fact I just bought my first one for 2013 from the animal rescue site where I purchase many items. My purchases buy animals bowls of food, many bowls of food, it’s a great site. I usually have a calendar hanging in the master bedroom, the kitchen/dining room, Chris’ office and Torey has one in her bedroom. We have yet another thing in common.


    • Stacie, you have a good heart! I’m smiling away reading this. We have calendars all over the house, too. I have one from the Silicon Valley Humane Society filled with great photos of cats, dogs and volunteers. It’s very uplifting.

      Can’t wait to see you next month.


  3. What a good idea for a post. I love calendars. Especially the ones by Artists. Silly me, if only I had seen your envelope idea before I moved. I had at least 20 old calendars: Victoria Calender and Maxfield Parrish, who I love so much. I sold them all at the garage sale for maybe $5.00. The Maxfield Parrish ones would have made fantastic envelopes…sigh. That kitty really does look like Lindy-Lu, maybe you could make your own calendar? Lately, I’ve just been making use of my SPCA calendar, It’s money well spent.


    • Thank you, Boomdee. I’m sure the purchaser of those calendars was thrilled. You can rebuild!

      I used last year’s Humane Society calendar to make dividers for my greeting card box. The photos were large and vibrant, so they made great dividers.

      I had a Victorian calendar one year, too, a gift from my friend Carrielin. They’re gorgeous.


  4. I haven’t bought my boys a calendar in about 2 years, but I agree it is a good visual reminder of the days ahead. This posts is a good reminder. By the way, the first calendar shown is beautiful.


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