Pumpkin Postmortem

Though it was fun to grow over-sized pumpkins this year, they proved to be a challenge. Once they were in the house, they were far too heavy to move around. I had one on a table for a few weeks, before discovering moisture trapped below. Imagine my (unpleasant) surprise when the moisture created a breeding ground for mold on my bamboo table runner?  Mike helped me move the behemoth  to the hard floor where I kept my eye on it thereafter.

Carving super-sized pumpkins proved equally challenging. Only one of the four made it into a Jack-o-lantern. The walls were super thick, making fine work a challenge. Mike persevered and carved a lovely Cinderella carriage.  With that, he hung up his carving tools for the season.

pumpkin stems

Comparative thickness of pumpkin rinds

carved cinderella pumpkin

Cinderella would be proud

pumpkin post mortem collage

Grow, harvest, carve and display

Today we filled the wheelbarrow with rotted pumpkins, and then dumped them in to the growing yard-waste pile. The City of San Jose has a wonderful composting program.  They scoop up yard waste with a “lobster” claw and drop it into a special truck on trash day.  They sell the compost to city dwellers the following year. It made me smile seeing a pile of discarded Jacks at the curb.

discarded pumpkins

Jacks in a Heap

After that unceremonious farewell, we carted the remaining giants to the garden wall. They look lovely in the setting sun. Unless we have a substantial earthquake, I don’t anticipate moving them again!

8 thoughts on “Pumpkin Postmortem

  1. So long, farewell, Auf Weidersehen goodnight, I hate to go and leave this pretty sight…..la la la
    That’s like a little pumpkin graveyard you got happening there. That’s a really cute Cinderella Coach too. It doesn’t even look wilting yet..amazing. What will you do with your left over pumpkins now? I’ll pretend I didn’t hear ‘earthquake’ thingy…to scarey. :oP


    • I was amazed that they lasted six days after carving, but when they go, they go fast. They looked just a little shriveled from the outside, but inside they are wet and moldy, even “soupy.’ One more day and we wouldn’t have been able to lift the first pumpkin without it bottoming out.

      I don’tknow what to do with the remaining giants other than let them sit for awhile on the garden wall. Even the squirrels can’t penetrate those walls. Maybe I’ll drill a hole in the side of one and then park myself and my camera nearby.


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