Crafting Gifts: A Plan for the Holidays

Making cards and gifts for the holidays takes some planning. Since I’m organized at heart, I start thinking about it early in the year. When I was young and broke, I made all my holiday gifts. Life got busier and I fell out of the habit.  When my boys were young, I didn’t have the time or the energy.  I’ve come full circle this year (for the most part).  I’m trying to make my cards and a few small gifts. Alternatively, it’s fun to buy from craft fairs.  I enjoy supporting artisans in my community.

Mini Photo Fold-Out Album

Last spring I attended a mini-workshop lead by designer Karen Phillips. Karen is a paper crafter and Creative Memories consultant.  She designed a charming, pocket-sized photo album which she sells in kits. She lead us through the process of creating our own.

I’ve made two so far, one in pink with pearl accents, and the purple mini album pictured below (with a floral theme, of course!)

Mini photo album

We like to show our appreciation for the boy’s teachers at the holidays with a small gift.  I plan to make a few of these to include with a monetary gift card.

Mini album and sleeve

Inside viewphoto album open viewCosmo Seed Cards

Late summer, when the Cosmos were in full bloom, I collected seeds from the prolific flowers. Cosmos are easy to grow under many conditions. They brought me such pleasure. I wanted to share their beauty with others.  I made seed packets using glassine envelopes from The Paper Source. I designed a card using digital software, a cute little five-sided fold out.  It’s the perfect size. I’m waiting for the 20% off sale before placing my order. Stay tuned for the completed project.

So many of you are crafty souls.  Are you planning on making gifts for the upcoming holidays?


22 thoughts on “Crafting Gifts: A Plan for the Holidays

  1. That’s so cute Alys, I really like how it folds out horizontally. Have you seen the Garden Totems at Gardensunshine.wordpress? I’ve started to look for bits and pieces to put together a couple of those as gifts…..I’d like to use some vintage things in them. I also have 1 more ball of yarn for a twisty scarf and must get that finished too. I admittedly have far more projects than I have time LOL. You never know what catches my fancy next.


  2. I love the way the card turned out. I still have my “kit”, but have yet to make mine! I’ve been so busy with my own holiday cards…7 more to go…then I’ll have 60 completed for the year. They are all addressed. Now I just have to make the time to sign them all. That might even take longer. Better get started next weekend!


  3. Alas, I’m “artsy” not “crafty”. When I had more time I used to design our holiday cards but I’ve had too much to do lately. I marvel at how much you accomplish!


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