I used to marvel at friendships forged by letter-writing, the back and forth sharing of ideals and dreams, along with the minutia of life. Now I understand. I’ve found a kindred spirit and a new friend through the day-to-day act of writing and sharing in the blogosphere. I received this beautiful gift in the mail this week, from a writer I affectionately call Boomdee. It took my breath away. Here are her lovely words and pictures. With gratitude to you, dear Boomdee.

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  1. Hiiiiii ((Alys)) ! I popped in to see what you were up to today and surprise, it’s a Boomdee view. Thats so fun, thank for this Alys. You are such a genuinely good person, I see it in every way. Your interaction with family, friends, nature and all your readers here at Gardening Nirvana. It’s a rare thing to find a kindered spirit, I hope you know I feel absolutely the same. Big Hugs to you! ❤ PS. Your little squirrel banner made me smile, so cute!


    • I wanted to blog about your treasures, but you already did the heavy lifting with your charming, detailed photos and the poem. I couldn’t top that, so I shared (re-blogged) instead. First time I’ve tried that.

      Glad you noticed the squirrel banner. I’ve amassed quite the collection of squirrel photos in the past few months. They’ve been busy this week, to with the change in temps.

      Thank you for being here for me, and for your always genuine, kind and positive spirit. I look forward to “seeing” you every day.


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