I used to marvel at friendships forged by letter-writing, the back and forth sharing of ideals and dreams, along with the minutia of life. Now I understand. I’ve found a kindred spirit and a new friend through the day-to-day act of writing and sharing in the blogosphere. I received this beautiful gift in the mail this week, from a writer I affectionately call Boomdee. It took my breath away. Here are her lovely words and pictures. With gratitude to you, dear Boomdee.


There is a gentle beauty

someone I admire

a heart of gold, she makes me smile

a friend who all desire

She lives in California

a land where palm trees sway

we’ll meet there in her garden

come spring, one sunny day

Just like a garden fairy

who’s wand makes small things grow

She brightens life in every way

and makes the dull days glow


If I were a little birdie

with wings to fly away

I’d fly to California 

and sing for her all day


I’ll chirp and tweet a happy song

the cat’s will all agree

“That birdie looks familiar,

it sounds like a northern Boomdee”

So, until the spring tulips peek,

from garden soil the sun they seek.

I’ll send this little gift her way,

I’ll dream of spring, a garden and May.


Sent With Love

A Day In May

By Boomdeeadda



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