Great Pumpkins Weigh In

Last night, while the sun was setting and the earth still warm, we harvested our big pumpkins.  We ended up with four, one for each family member.  I love how that worked out.

harvesting pumpkins

Harvesting Pumpkins is a Family Affair

We cut them from the vine and brought them indoors.  The plan was to weigh each one on our Nintendo Wii Fit, the only reliable scale in the house.

Carrying the pumpkin

Carrying the pumpkin to safety

As we made our way inside, my friend Betsy and her two lovely daughters dropped by bearing gifts: a beautiful white oleander.  What timing! We invited them to join us for the great pumpkin weigh-in, a comical endeavor when you’re using the Wii.  My son created a character called “Pumpkin,” then placed it on the scale.  Everyone took turns guessing Pumpkin’s weight.  We belly laughed for half an hour at all the silly assumptions the computer made.  Our great Pumpkin had a BMI of 99.99!  When we weighed a second pumpkin, it would suggest that “Pumpkin” needed to put on some weight…or lose weight, or get more exercise.  Laughter is contagious.  One person laughs and the room laughs with them.   It was such good fun.

Wii Fit Weighs In

Wii Fit Weighs In

Every year, no matter what seeds we plant, our pumpkins surprise us.  Last year we had an eclectic variety of pumpkins; one year we had several small ones.  This year’s crop produced the largest we’ve grown.  The fab four all grew from one vine, self-seeded by a bird or squirrel.

4 great pumpkins

Our 4 Great Pumpkins

Here’s what we named them and how they stacked up:

  1. Cinderella Carriage – 42.8 pounds (19 kg)
  2. Craig – 53 pounds (24 kg)
  3. Stalky – 51.9 pounds (23 kg)
  4. Big Mac – 60.8 pounds (27 kg)

That’s a combined total of over 200 pounds of pumpkin goodness.

“There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.”

-Linus, from It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown by Charles Schultz

9 thoughts on “Great Pumpkins Weigh In

  1. That’s a whole lot of awsomeness!! If I were a pumpkin, I’d want to be Cinderella’s Carriage, I love that name (plus it was the lightess..hehe). I guess you’ll need to send a thank you card: “Dear Mr Squirrell, I’m so happy you dropped by to plant a pumpkin seed”. I love when your whole family makes it into your post, including sweet littl’ Slinky. I’ve never played Wii Fit, do you have to devulge your weight? That’s down right cruel….a girl has to retain some mystery.HA


    • Yes, the ole’ Wii fit asks your age, then tells you what your BMI is. It tests your balance as well, then after a series of tests, gives you your Wii fit age. It’s not always pretty.

      And your right, the squirrel may actually plant a sunflower or too from the stash. Late last week I saw a squirrel outside my living room window, digging up his peanuts. It was so funny.

      Thanks for saying such lovely things.


      • Wow, that Wii is sure nosey. Mr B doesn’t even know all those details and he’s smart enough not to ask, LOL.

        That must have been so sweet to watch that little guy come back for his stash…kind of like the emergency candy cupboard.


        • LOL! Mr. B is indeed a smart man. He was wise enough to marry you, wasn’t he?

          I love watching animals. They all fascinate me. One of the best things about having a garden is the nature it attracts. We’ve had a different bird lately up on the wires, swooping down and making pretty calls. Mostly grey with a white chest. The squirrels are busier as the weather cools. I see them often digging up, or burying seeds and nuts. Mike and Mac just saw two racoons on the way home from a late dinner.

          I love the idea of an emergency candy cupboard. LOL


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