Kitty Bouquet: Catnip on a String

It’s always nice to bring your hostess a bunch of flowers from your garden, but what about the resident cat?  Since kitty usually calls the shots in feline-centric households, it only seems fair.  I propose catnip on a string.

Not all cats are susceptible to the intoxicating oils of the catnip or cat-mint plant.  When presented with a fragrant bunch of greens, about half of all cats will respond.  Be sure to offer your gift in an appropriate setting.  If kitty drools green catnip all over your hostesses white couch, you probably won’t be invited back.

Catnip with Bow

Hostess Gift
Catnip with a Bow

Cat inspecting the catnip

I hope this is organic

Cat with catnip

Shall I go ahead and give it a try?

Tasting the catnip


Catnip Bouquet Tutorial

  1. Turn at least 70% of your growing space into a catnip garden.
  2. Pinch a few leaves from the plant once it’s fully grown.
  3. Tie a bow around the bunch (six inches or less, please so kitty doesn’t get tangled).
  4. Deliver to your feline host.

If you follow these instructions carefully, you’ll be invited back again and again.  Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Kitty Bouquet: Catnip on a String

  1. Awwww you are the best guest ever. I had to go back to remember this kitties name…Beijing looks so soft. Do your cats mangle it in the garden? Paco (our first black cat) used to roll and roll in it till it was so messed up. It would just recover only to be maimed again. I didn’t mind since I planted it just for him. Petals is really crazy for the Honeysuckle mouse she got for being “good” at the vet visit but she’s also shown great enthusiasm for ‘The Nip’


    • Surprisingly, no. They don’t show any interest in it, till I roll the leaves and release the oils. The catnip is mixed in with mint, so perhaps that throws off the scent.

      Honeysuckle mouse? I didn’t know they liked that scent. Fascinating. Your two kitties are so lucky to ahve you.


      • Clever to mix it in with the mint, you won’t have neighbourhood kitty cat’s prancing about too much…not that there’s anything wrong with that (to quote Jerry Seinfeld). Yah, these mice are home made by someone. They have Honeysuckle shavings in them which Petals immediately spreads through out the house, she carries it around in her mouth and howls like she’s in heat…??? She’s wacky, but she’s all mine, I guess we’re both lucky to have each other 🙂


        • Oh how cute! Our vet also makes catnip toys which my boys like to pick out for the kitties on our visits. I really should set up my machine and sew my own.

          I have all my crafts in a four-foot closet, so not much room to sew. I have to set it up in the living room, and you know how nice that looks!

          No excuses. I need to get busy.


          • Oh, I saw your closet…way cute! I currently have stuff spread from one end to another in the guest room….Kaos, mayhem, “in short we have a ghastly mess” (said with an highbrow English accent, it’s a line from Mary Poppins). The living room is not optimal, kitties want in on everything and you can’t close the door (can you?)


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