Blooming Thursday: Garden Friendships

My friend Liz has been back in the States for several months, but it took her imminent departure for us to finally get together.  Our friendship is such that we can simply pick up where we left off, regardless of time passed.  Liz is also a gardener I admire and look up to.

Liz has the unique distinction of gardening through one spring and two summers.  She spends part of her year in California, the rest in beautiful New Zealand.  She taught me and some friends how to felt on one of her trips home.  I hope to learn how to eco-dye from her one day, too.

On her visit today, she came bearing gifts…and lunch!  So much for my hosting skills. We enjoyed delicious, home-made, vegetarian burritos while sitting on the patio talking shop.

You probably need to be a gardener to fully appreciate the first gift: a bag of worms and worm castings. I feel like a real gardener.  I have a worm bin, a kitchen scrap container, and soon my tumbling composter will arrive at my door.  I’ll be brewing garden goodness all winter long.

Worm Bin

Worm Bin

In addition to worms, I am also the lucky recipient of several eco-dyed pieces, one-of-a kind art made with natural dyes, leaves and flowers. The small pouch is made from reclaimed materials, printed with leaves, dyed, then hand-stitched.

Eco-dyed Pouch

Eco-dyed Pouch

The three pieces pictured below use a similar technique, but with paper. I love the artistry.

eco-dyed print

Eco-dyed Art Print

Eco-dyed paper

Eco-dyed Paper

My dear friend is not a fan of pictures, but she did let me take a closeup of her t-shirt. She bought the shirt at a thrift store, wrapped it around rose leaves, and dipped it in a natural dye. It’s exquisite.

Eco-dyed T-shirt

Eco-dyed T-shirt

You can learn more about eco-dying from India Flint.

14 thoughts on “Blooming Thursday: Garden Friendships

  1. I would somebody to give me a bag of worms! What a thoughtful gift… and you’re quite right when you say that only a fellow gardener would understand this. I got SO excited last year when my top soil arrived and then I went around the garden digging for worms to put in the new beds!


  2. Beautiful friendship Alys, that’s so touching. I can see you both in your garden talking shop and getting all excited about worms while the kitty’s patter around. Her earthy artwork sounds immensely personal, how awesome that she’s created something for you. I have a friend like Liz, we’ve been friends since grade one (saddly it was her dad Dale that just passed away this summer). Just like your dear Liz, we can always pick up right back again even though she lives far away. I’m travelling to see her next weekend. So excited!


    • I’m a lucky woman to have the friends that I have. I’m so glad you’ll be spending a weekend with a childhood friend. She must really miss her dad and will no doubt enjoy the chance to reminisce with you about Dale and other memories you share. Where does your friend live?

      Be sure to get a photo of the two of you. Would love to see your smiling faces together.


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