Back to School in the Fairy Garden


Fairy GardenOur local paper ran an article on fairy gardens recently with a few ideas I hadn’t thought of.  One suggestion was to plant a fairy garden in a pot up high for easy maintenance.  The other was to place it in a high-traffic area so others could enjoy it.

Today I did just that.  In honor of back-to-school month I planted a back-to-school themed fairy garden and placed it out front near the steps.  The bees found it immediately, then my son when he got home from school.  Can those ethereal garden fairies be far behind?

I used an old bird bath stand as a base, then added a fern-lined wire basket.  The fern-lined hanging basket came with three chains attached to a hook.  I pried the hook loose, then wrapped the chains under the bird feeder to secure it in place.

Lovely purple Ageratum line the back of the classroom, with Baby Tears serving as a walkway.  The classroom chairs are part of a stacking game.  I raided the LEGO® Brick bin for desks and playground equipment.  If you squint your eyes and employ your imagination, you might just see an apple on the teacher’s desk.

Fairy gardens were once the purview of small children, but they’ve enjoyed a resurgence among adults.  Blogs, books and websites abound with ideas and inspiration.  In the end, I think it’s fun to use your own imagination and if possible, items you have on hand.

This is a great project for the young and the young at heart.  Let me know how your garden turns out.  Be sure to report back…with pictures of course.  ♥

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From Tonkadale Greenhouse:

For centuries, the world has been fascinated with the idea that “fairies and elves” live among us and have the power to spread magic and mischief throughout our homes and gardens.

While the existence of fairies is up to your own imagination, adding fairies to your garden is a way to participate in this centuries old tradition. It never hurts to please the fairies and sprites in order to gain their favor.


13 thoughts on “Back to School in the Fairy Garden

  1. Oooh… I feel another project coming on! I could enroll my Mum as she has a beautiful old Dolls House and loves anything miniature. I could do the landscaping and she could decorate it just the way that the fairies prefer 🙂


  2. How cute and creative, did the boy’s love it? The grass growing between your pavers looks super too….it’s all sooooo tidy, you are a marvel with your landscape! Is that your lavender lazing around beneath?


      • Oh ya, teens have more important business..I can only imagine how great that lavender smells. I have but one lonely plant. I wave my hand thru it whenever I go by. I bought a scoop to do that hanger idea from your Pinterest board, it’s in que. ha


        • I love that lavender scent. I saw an idea on a blog this week, (name escapes me) and I’m considering making bath salts for gifts. If I buy economy mason jars, and Epsom salt in bulk, I could make quite a few. I have an artist friend who makes flowering essential oils. I could add those too. Can’t wait to see your hanger creation.


  3. What a fun way, Alys to honor the back to school transition. Nothing like adding a bit of fun, whimsy (and purple) into the mix. Yes! I’m a huge fan of purple too. Thank you for sharing your link on my blog post “Organizing Help for Back to School.” I know my readers will enjoy reading your post and seeing your beautiful photos of your fairy garden.


    • I don’t know of any yet, but I’ve inspired a neighbor with her two girls, and they just got started. I hope it becomes a trend! Thanks for stopping by. I couldn’t see a way to follow your blog? Is that possible?


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