A Page From My Garden

Fun times at the computer today.  I finally got the hang of the Creative Memories StoryBook Creator software.   I tried out my skills creating a page of flowers from the garden.   If you’re remotely interested, I suggest you give it a whirl.  Once you’re over the proverbial hump, you’ll be amazed at what you can do.

Among the more interesting features: creating a “rubber stamp” effect using your photos or one of the “embellishments” from the library.  Also fun: matting your photo with an exact color from your picture.

I’ve been assembling scrapbooks since I was a girl.  Mom would make paste from flour and water, then she would line the kitchen table with newspapers and let us go to town.  My sister and I cut pictures from magazines and pasted away.  Who knew all these years later that I would be cutting and pasting with a computer?

Creative Memories Garden Page

Are you a ‘scrapper? Have you joined the digital bandwagon?

6 thoughts on “A Page From My Garden

  1. Oh, love the paper color. I really like what you did with the photo of your gorgeous Hydrangea. I took a Photoshop class at Treasured Memories last winter. Amazing stuff. I haven’t practiced enough though, use it or loose it right? Thanks for the reminder.


    • Agreed. Use it or lose it. I’m creating an album for a client so I’m getting lots of practice this week.

      My sister is a wiz on Photoshop, but I’ve never taken a class. I hear it’s quite a powerful program.

      Thank you for your nice comments.


  2. Yeah right in there. The pictures from your garden are very wonderful Photoshop materials. and though there are a whole lotta pictures that ywe can source from the internet, having them from a source where you know they exist is a different feeling altogether.

    Your garden blog, I am sure, would be amazingly therapeutic and your thoughts makes so much sense and entertaining.


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