Blooming Thursday: It Must Be August


In the far corner of the garden, the Japanese Anemone are about to put on a show.  The plant is unremarkable most of the year, with a low, leafy green spreading across the rock wall.  After a winter die-back, they reemerge in the spring, gathering energy for the days ahead.

Anemone Buds

Anemone Buds

Anemone japonica white

Anemone Japonica ‘White’

July arrives and on cue, the Anemone burst forth sending out tall stems covered in lush green leaves. July is dress rehearsal.

japanese anemone flower

Anemone Bloom

Take a seat ladies and gentlemen, the show is about to begin.  The chorus lines the rock wall, tiny buds at the ready. When the curtain opens, dozens of white blooms take center stage.

Be sure to tell all your friends.  The show continues its run through late August.


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