Vertical Veg: The Art of Growing Vegetables in Small Spaces



My friend Susan shared an intriguing link to a site called Vertical Veg. It’s all about growing food in containers and tiny spaces.

The site and accompanying blog is chock full of ideas for growing your own vegetables when space is at a premium. Mark Ridsdill Smith founded Vertical Veg because “I love growing food, but also because it ties in with my dream of cities where people live in closer connection with the seasons, nature and their food.”

For years my own garden was also a series of pots, hanging baskets, and containers as I moved from rental to rental.  I grew flowers and herbs, but never vegetables.  Clearly I missed out.

If you’re yearning to grow your own food but live in small or temporary quarters, I suggest you check out Mark’s site.  It’s fun and inspiring exploring what’s possible.

Why grow vertical from Vertical Veg:

  • You’ll have fresher, healthier food quite literally on your doorstep.
  • You’ll save money.
  • You’ll bring greenery, flowers and wild life to your urban (concrete?) neighbourhood.
  • You’ll find a hobby that many find rewarding, relaxing and creative – and that can be good for both mental and physical health.
  • If you’re into sustainability stuff, you’ll find lots of opportunities for recycling (making your own containers, converting waste food into worm compost), reducing your waste food by only picking what you need, and cutting your carbon footprint.
  • If you’re into food, you’ll love the super fresh veg, the abundance of herbs, and the opportunity to grow crops unavailable (or expensive) in the shops.
  • And last but not least, you’ll meet new neighbours – food growing is a shared language with wide appeal across generations and cultures.

It’s hard to argue with that!

Check out Vertical Veg and let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Vertical Veg: The Art of Growing Vegetables in Small Spaces

  1. Pretty interesting stuff, I’ve book marked that for a complete read. I love the idea of going to your balcony and getting everything you need for a salad or stir-fry! Something to think about for next year, if we’re still here.


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