Blooming Thursday: Pelargonium Stunner

Pelargonium 'Old Bury Duet'

Pelargonium ‘Old Bury Duet’

I fell in love with this Pelargonium on my last trip through the nursery. I was racing to the front of the store with my 4th of July annuals and it stopped me in my tracks. This ‘Old Bury Duet’ was nestled on a table with equally gorgeous coleus which seem to grow well on our deck.

Of course the big question is “where will I plant it?” The snapdragons in the planter at home were healthy, but the companion Lobelia looked tired.  I never have much luck with Lobelia.  Upon further reading, I’ve learned it prefers cool weather.  Once our temps rise, the plants quickly dry out.  So…

Into the cart they went.

Once home, I transplanted two of the snapdragons into a pot with the roses where they get more sun, and moved the rest to another flowering pot out back.  The Lobelia moved to a cooler spot, but they sadly are no more.

Now my trio of front door planters include the new  Coleus ‘Inky Fingers’ and the Pelargonium ‘Old Bury Duet,’ along with the existing coleus and the trailing flowers.

What’s blooming on your Thursday?

Duet of Color

Duet of Color

Variegated Leaves

Variegated Leaves

Torch Like Beauty

Torch Like Beauty

Friend or Foe?  Do you know?

Friend or Foe? Do you know?

6 thoughts on “Blooming Thursday: Pelargonium Stunner

  1. Stunning, I used to work at a garden center that had 25 colors of Geranium, so hard to choose. My Lobelia is looking pretty sorry as well. It really got the worse of the hot weather we’re having. I’m torn between trying to rescue by teasing out the dry stuff or just replacing it. But it’s getting so there’s not to many annuals left a our garden center. Looked for sunflower but alas, they’re all sold. I bought a lavender instead..HA, can’t go home without something.


    • We are so much alike! I tried teasing out the dried stuff as well, but sadly I had more brown than blue.

      I guess it’s getting late in the season to start sunflowers, but lavender is a wonderfully happy second choice. Coincidentally, I have lavender and sunflowers growing side by side. They are drying out rapidly in this heat, but perk up within a short time once they are re-hydrated.



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