Sunflower Success

Early in the season I envisioned a wall of sunflowers growing across the front of the deck. After several false starts, I configured a system of screens, designed to deter squirrels and birds from eating the seeds and seedlings. It worked! All three planters have several healthy plants. I can’t wait till they flower. I can see the plants from my kitchen window as well as on deck, and they can also been seen from the street.

The lower leaves are full of holes but no sign of the culprit…until this week when I saw a bird in the act of pecking away at the leaves. My friend Doug, also a nurseryman, thinks they are trying to get to the as-yet unavailable seeds.  The leaves look tattered, but the plant remains healthy so all is well.

With warmer temperatures, the plants are shooting skyward. I can’t wait till they bloom.

Wall of Sunflowers

Wall of Sunflowers

Broken Lantern Covers Keep the Screen Open

Broken Lantern Covers Keep the Screen Open at the Top

Lantern Cover in Place

Lantern Cover in Place

Sunflowers: Looking Up

Sunflowers: Looking Up

Bird Snack

Bird Snack

14 thoughts on “Sunflower Success

  1. Wow, these are looking goo! Your bird snack photo makes me feel slightly better about my hollyhocks which are looking decidedly ‘lacy’.. 🙂


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