Growing a Birdhouse

Birdhouse Seeds

Birdhouse Seeds

Though we were out of room in our planter boxes, we went ahead and tucked in a few of these Gourd hard-shelled birdhouse seeds. They were too cool to pass up.

Botanical Interests gourd heirloom seeds grow into the birdhouse shape on the left. When dried, they last indefinitely. Gourds can be carved, painted or drilled. I sure hope we can grow at least one. We have two viable plants, each about 18 inches long. The packet says the vines can grow an astonishing 15′ (5 meters) to 35′(11 meters) long.

The pumpkin vines are about a month ahead in the growing cycle, so as those vines give the last push towards ripening, the gourd vines will have lots of room to grow.

Here are a few pointers on birdhouses:

  • Drill the hole for the size of the intended bird and not a speck more. This prevents predatory birds from following the mama bird indoors. The entrance hole should be high enough that the mama bird can line her nest and still protect her young from view.
  • Likewise, the  perch often shown on commercially produced birdhouses is not only unnecessary, but again allows a predator a place to perch and peer in.
  • Drill a small hole in the bottom of the birdhouse to allow for drainage.

Fingers crossed!

Gourd Vines

Gourd Vines

10 thoughts on “Growing a Birdhouse

  1. Fun stuff. I had birdhouses in my old garden and just loved to watch the mom’s go in and out. I left them for the new owner, hopefully they enjoy them too. Can’t wait to see your’s in use!


    • Aren’t you sweet! Do you miss your house or are you happy in your condo while you look for something else?

      I hope these grow well. If I get lots and lots I could make them into birdhouses and give them as presents. I better not get ahead of myself.


      • Always have a plan and beleive in it, nothing happens by accident…Chuck Knox….I can see all those homeless birds applauding your efforts! I do miss our neighbors and the garden, but we’re pretty happy here, thanks so much for asking.


        • Happy is good!

          It’s exciting to grow something new and different. In the meantime, the pumpkins are now larger than anything we’ve ever grown. They are still yellow, which means they’ll continue to grow in size. Once the color changes to orange, they are done getting bigger, and spend the rest of the cycle getting sweeter!


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