Blooming Thursday: Flowers that Shouldn’t

Flowering Basil

I checked on the basil a day ago and all was well.  Today it flowered!  Maximum production requires more pruning then I realized.  The flowers are pretty but the prize on the basil plant are those delicious leaves.  They are at their best, before the flower.

One of my favorite uses for basil is caprese salad, made with basil, mozzarella and tomatoes.  It’s also delicious in pesto.

So when the sun goes down, the pruning shears come out.  Can’t you just smell it?

How to make Caprese Salad.

Easy Pesto: Step by step

How to dry Herbs: I’ll stick with it fresh, but all you cooking gurus can give this a go.

8 thoughts on “Blooming Thursday: Flowers that Shouldn’t

  1. Ooh, I love the smell of fresh basil! I actually have a bunch in my kitchen not far from me right at this moment, awaiting its use in pesto. I enjoy making my own pesto, as it’s so easy — As most recipes call for Parmesan cheese, I “veganize” mine by using a non-dairy substitute made by Galaxy Nutritional Foods. It works perfectly, and no one can tell the difference. Besides the popular uses for pesto, such as on pasta or bread, I like to stir it into my tofu breakfast scramble along with veg sausage, assorted veggies, and Daiya vegan cheese. Yum!

    I’ve also found that basil pairs well with strawberries, and have been delighted by this combination in some innovative cocktails. Cheers!

    Enjoy your bounty!


    • Oh yum. Many years ago my former boyfriend’s roommate used to make me fresh pesto. She was a gardener as well. It was delicious.

      I love the way you’ve found to modify all your meals to make them vegan. Good for you!


  2. Ours started to flower last week. I read an article somewhere where to prune it so you get big bushy plants. (Just above two teeny tiny leaves.) I cut so much, we made a large bowl of pesto and froze it. Checked on my plants again this morning and they are bushy AND flowering again. If only I had some ripe tomatoes…..


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