Bringing the Garden Indoors: Fun Vase, Flamboyant Flowers

Hydrangea and Fern in the “Fish Bowl”

I darted into the grocery store yesterday to pick up a few things, and found myself at a stand-still in front of these clever vases.  What a great idea!  Most of the designs were dark floral prints, but I fell in love with the goldfish.

The premise is such a simple one: a non-breakable but sturdy vase that stores flat in between uses.  I may pick up a few more to have on hand for gifts.  They’re perfect for taking flowers to someone in the hospital as well.  No breakable vase to deal with when you head home.

The vase is also surprisingly stable.  I consciously tried to knock it over without success.

My gardening hat is off to you reva™ vase!

Reva Vase™, Expanding Flower Vase

Reva™ Vase

I’ve been saving small bottles and jars to use as flower vessels as well.  For some reason the squared off jars (from spices and sauces) really appeal to me.  When my husband brings me a mixed bouquet, they start out in one large vase.  As the blooms dry out (the roses are always the first to go), I toss the spent flowers, and consolidate what’s left into small jars.  I get a lot of mileage from one bunch.

Floral Bouquet Deconstructed


12 thoughts on “Bringing the Garden Indoors: Fun Vase, Flamboyant Flowers

    • The fish is really well done. The giveaway, in person, is that the fish appears on both sides. Ha! It’s so much fun.

      It’s interesting what “takes us back” as my mom used to say. For me, certain smells are quite powerful. Jergen’s hand lotion takes me back to my kitchen when I was 5.


  1. Brilliant! What a fabulous find! I will seek these out, like you, to keep on hand. I agree they’d make fun gifts! Thanks for sharing your neat discovery!

    I do the same as you as large bouquets get whittled down, repurposing my saved little vessels, and stretching the flowers’ running time. Nice to be able to spread them around to different rooms, including small spaces. I will also add that I think it’s wonderful and romantic that your dear hubby brings you flowers!


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