Sharon’s Way: Accessible Landscaping

Our landscape designer recently asked for video of my sister using the garden ramp.  From what I gather, it is fairly unusual to see ramps incorporated into landscaping.  The more I’ve thought about it, the more it makes sense for all of us.  We’ve worked hard as a society to create accessibility in the work place, on the corner sidewalk, in schools and even sporting events.  I think there is a wonderful niche market for creating inviting landscapes that also allow all our friends and family to visit with ease.  It’s also an investment in our own future; a way to age in place.

Do you think this trend could catch on?

Design by Bergez & Associates.
Installation by Natural Bridges Landscaping

14 thoughts on “Sharon’s Way: Accessible Landscaping

  1. I have a ramp because I used to use a wheelchair. I love the idea of including a ramp in the landscaping. I may have done that myself,because when it was time to get one – I decided I wanted something beautiful and functional. I had been wanting a covered porch for a long time and I took the opportunity to have one built when the ramp was made. It’s really gorgeous.


  2. You’re such a wonderful, thoughtful sister, literally and figuratively! I love your ramp, and enjoyed seeing Sharon’s demonstration. Nice music selection for the video, too! I think ramps are always a good idea wherever they can be incorporated, and including them in landscape design seems only natural and sensible. Great job!


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