Blooming Thursday: Random Gifts and Neighborhood Rifts

For all the time I spend in the garden, complete surprises are rare.  With my nose down close to the dirt, or my camera directed at flowers and trees, it feels as comfortable and familiar as a good marriage.

That said, my husband still surprises me with flowers “just because” and this week my garden did the same.  After an hour of planting and the requisite cleanup, I turned to go inside and spotted something flowering behind our fruit tree.  I climbed over the rock wall and shrubs, rounded the tree, and there it was!  The flowering bulb has roots under the fence line, so perhaps the bulb divided from the neighbor’s side.

It would be nice to think of the flower as a gift, or more appropriately a peace-offering, for in this community of otherwise incredible neighbors, this unhappy soul stands out.  He once trapped my cat and dropped him off at the Humane Society without a word.  He calls the authorities when someone’s dog barks.  He asked us to lie when our shared fence fell down and had to be replaced. We declined.

Perhaps this random gift is not the flower, but the opportunity to let go of the angst I feel when I pass his house.  All these years later the anger and hurt are gone, but the angst lingers on.

Spring Bulbs

Any guesses on the name of this flowering bulb?

5 thoughts on “Blooming Thursday: Random Gifts and Neighborhood Rifts

  1. Thank you for sharing this heartwarming story. I love the perspective you took in welcoming your surprise “gift”.

    Apparently I’m a bit short-sighted, as I’ve been mistakenly referring to the fortnight lily as only a day lily. Thanks to Tina for the clarifying link!


    • Thank you CC. I hadn’t even heard the term fortnight lily before today. There is always something new to learn.

      I really appreciate your thoughtful comments. I know how busy you are, yet you take the time to post with care. With gratitude, A.


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