Cat Grass: Nibbles for K.T.

Seed Packet (I love the art work)

We’re growing cat grass in our kitchen window for my sister’s kitty, King Tut (K.T.).  My sister started foster sitting cats, but fell in love with K.T. and couldn’t let him go.  He’s an older cat, with a beautiful white coat and cute little ears.  Sadly, he was de-clawed by a prior owner and he suffers from a thyroid condition so he has good days and bad days.  For a period of time last year, pre-grown cat grass was hard to come by.  This gave us the idea to grow some at home.  It’s also a bargain: $6.29 for a huge packet of seeds, vs. $4.00 for one ready-to-go tray.

Our current mix of “Gourmet Greens for Cats” includes organically grown rye, oats, barley and wheat, produced by Renee’s Garden in nearby Felton, California.  I learned the hard way that you have to keep the grass covered till it establishes roots (about 14 days), or the cats will jump up on the counter and help themselves, scattering cracked seed and soil everywhere.

Kitty Salad, Hold the Dressing

Plant seeds indoors year round in sun or part shade.  They germinate in 3 – 7 days and are ready to eat in 10 – 14 days.


10 thoughts on “Cat Grass: Nibbles for K.T.

  1. What a thoughtful cat-mom/aunt you are, and what lucky kitties to be the recipients of your generosity — and green thumb! Thanks for the cat grass tips. I switched from buying expensive ready-grown “cat grass” to buying pre-grown “wheat grass” in the local produce store at a fraction of the cost. It’s basically the same darn thing, of course, but the markup on anything labeled as a specialty is outrageous. Nice to grow your own! I tend not to keep grass around, and usually only get it as an occasional treat, as I have to be prepared to deal with the consequence of increased vomiting likelihood. : /

    Funny… I also love the artwork on the seed packet, and was about to comment on it before I even saw that you’d mentioned it in your caption! : )


    • Yes,the markup is something else, isn’t it? Wise of you to buy the oat grass in the produce section. I think my sister started doing the same, though I hadn’t realized the distinction till you mentioned it.


      • Thanks for the informative link! I’ve also learned that eating grass is generally a healthy part of a cat’s behavior, and that vomiting can be positive. I guess it’s kind of selfish of me to deprive my cats of grass, just so I don’t have to clean up after them! I seem to have to do that quite a bit as it is. My vet said it’s understandable that they’d vomit after eating grass, as each blade is swallowed as one long strand. He suggested giving the cats grass that has been cut into smaller pieces, making vomiting less likely, and they can still get the benefits of the grass.

        Don’t we have just the most interesting converstions?


  2. My KT is a lucky kitty to have such a thoughtful aunt. He loves his “kitty salad” (which I’d already come to refer to it). He was particularly interested in this home grown variety. Thanks for thinking of him ;0)


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