Tea Time

Lisa’s Tea Treasures is a charming tea room and gift parlor in nearby Campbell, California. Designed to resemble an early nineteenth century English parlor, they serve “high tea” in cozy rooms where you ring the bell for service. Fresh tea brews at your table in fine china pots wrapped in “cozies.”  Lisa’s is one of my go-to places to celebrate with my tea-loving friends.

Table Top at Lisa's Tea Treasures

I acquired my love of tea from my British father who not only drank it, but grew it on a tea plantation in Darjeeling. I have an album filled with black and white photos from his time in India, carefully captioned in his neat print. It’s a beautiful legacy from the man who died when I was nine.  I wish he were alive to fill in the details of what had to be an amazing experience.

According to Wissotzky Tea,

“Tea is an evergreen plant of the Camellia genus. Its scientific name is “Camellia Sinensis) and it originated in China, Tibet and Northern India. The tea plant has thick leaves, dark green in color, and a strong thick stem. The tea flowers bloom in white or pink and have a delicate fragrance.

There are about 200 different species of the tea plant around the world.”

Assorted Teas Available in Lisa's Tea Salon

We believe tea originated in China, still a primary source of the world’s tea, along with India, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Nepal and Japan.  Herbal “teas” aren’t really teas at all but a collection of flowers, stems, leaves and buds.

Visiting a tea plantation is on my proverbial bucket list.  To see this plant, brewed and enjoyed the world round, would be a treat.

A few of my favorite teas:

Numi® Organic Tea: Super premium, organic and fair trade teas.

Celestial Seasonings: Sleepytime anyone?

Yogi Tea: Wonderful green tea.

Traditional Medicinals: I’m a huge fan of their Cold Care and Throat Coat teas.

Do you have a favorite?

7 thoughts on “Tea Time

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    • Thank you, Betsy. I love rooibos as well. It’s become one of my favorites since reading the book The Ladies Number One Detective agency, when I went searching for some of the African-inspired foods in the book.


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  3. I enjoyed reading about your tea time, and learning about your own personal history with tea. Fascinating that your dad grew it in Darjeeling, a personal favorite of mine! Thanks for the primer, as well as sharing some of your favorite blends.

    By the way, while I haven’t read the Ladies Number One Detective Agency, I did watch the short-lived TV series of the same name. I loved the colorful clothes and sassy attitudes of the protagonists. And I found the language to be charming and delightful. Miss that show!


    • I didn’t realize it was made into a show! I’ll have to find it on Netflix.

      Lisa’s Tea Treasures is in the Pruneyard, just a few feet away from Hobees. You were so close.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.


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