Spider Plant Sprawl

Spider Plant Sprawl

One by one, the root-bound spider plants relocated to the fence line.  We jokingly refer to that area of the garden as the back-forty.  It’s also where big, hairy spiders go, so they can do their garden business without scaring me on my daily rounds.

The back-forty is a transitional home for plants who’ve outgrown their pots but don’t currently have a good place to go.  One of the potted spider plants sheltered a nest of mourning doves one year.  Eventually the pot was too crowded for a nest or a plant. Time to visit the back-forty.  Sometimes I empty a bit of soil left in a pot, and a forgotten bulb rolls out.  I give it a toss into the mix  and carry on with my gardening chores.  It’s every plant for herself back there: find a place to put down your roots, or move over for the next plant.  Since nothing that we’ve purposefully planted under the pine tree lives for very long, I’m hoping my stealth plan takes root.

Two spider plants and an asparagus fern have been up to the challenge so far.  The acidic soil and shade agrees with them and they seem impervious to a steady shower of pine-needles.  At the rate they are multiplying, the back-forty relocation plan is looking like a success. Gardeners know that hope springs eternal or perhaps it’s spring that brings eternal hope.

Asparagus Fern Spider Plant Tango

Mourning Doves

3 thoughts on “Spider Plant Sprawl

  1. That is so great! birds nesting in the pot. I wish to have like that too!!! 😀 where could be the best place to hang those pots that the birds cant resist to stay?… well I have lots of birds hanging around my house because they love to eat the fruits of my scorpion bush but I’d be happier if they stay here too.. 😀


    • It was pretty special having them nest so close to home. I would suggest reading up on the habits of the birds you want to attract (those native to your area) and then create an environment attractive to them. It needs to be sheltered from predators and sheltered from wind, sun and rain. Good luck! Let me know how you do.


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