Rehabing the Swing

In need of some TLC

My readers know how I love my swing.  Sadly, it took a tumble in a wind storm, flipping heals over casters into the rock wall. The lower frame is sound, but that brief flight and subsequent landing tore one inch gashes into the canopy frame.

Before dismantling the canopy frame this winter, I thought it was simply bent and needed straightening.  Now that we’ve taken it apart, the mechanical fix is more complex.

The no-cost fix is simple: we’ve relocated the swing to the shady part of the garden, where it now rests under the orange tree.  Who needs an artificial canopy when nature has provided one in my backyard.

The seat cushions are a different story: they need a good overhaul.  I used an old, flocked table-cloth to cover the cushions off-season and it worked well.  Then spring rolled around and the neighborhood squirrels decided it would make excellent nesting material.   They had that cloth de-flocked in two days!   I get lazy in the colder months so between the unceremonious toss of the swing and the table-cloth dismemberment, I simply turned a blind eye.  Last summer I put a towel over the cushions, and made do with the bent top.  Neither one had any affect on my impromptu nap schedule.

Now that the yard is spruced up, my swing looks neglected.  It resembles a dorm room couch, minus the cookie crumbs, but with plenty of mold to give one pause.

Time to call on my sewing skills.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

3 thoughts on “Rehabing the Swing

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