Blogging 101: Thematically Speaking

It’s the end of the week here in California. Some of my classmates have already gone to bed, but it’s day five for me as week one of Blogging University draws to a close.

Today’s task: Love Your Theme

I’ve actually played around with themes quite a bit in the past since the visual elements are so appealing. It’s fun and sometimes disorienting looking at your blog arranged differently, as you are seeing it today. We’re encouraged to try the opposite of what we like.

Wu Wei

If you’re reading this blog before Monday, March 9th, then you’re seeing my blog with the Wu Wei theme. Prior to today I was using Misty Lake. I miss it.

I like the clean lines of Wu Wei, but I miss all the other bits of info in the sidebar.

What do you think? Do you like, one, two or three column blogs? Do you miss the additional info on the sidebar? All the info is still there, but it’s now at the bottom.

If you’re a blogger, are you still in love with your own theme? So many questions, I know, but I really value your feedback.

Happy Friday…or Saturday to my Aussie/Kiwi friends.

spring bulb banner collage