Blogging 101: Thematically Speaking

It’s the end of the week here in California. Some of my classmates have already gone to bed, but it’s day five for me as week one of Blogging University draws to a close.

Today’s task: Love Your Theme

I’ve actually played around with themes quite a bit in the past since the visual elements are so appealing. It’s fun and sometimes disorienting looking at your blog arranged differently, as you are seeing it today. We’re encouraged to try the opposite of what we like.

Wu Wei

If you’re reading this blog before Monday, March 9th, then you’re seeing my blog with the Wu Wei theme. Prior to today I was using Misty Lake. I miss it.

I like the clean lines of Wu Wei, but I miss all the other bits of info in the sidebar.

What do you think? Do you like, one, two or three column blogs? Do you miss the additional info on the sidebar? All the info is still there, but it’s now at the bottom.

If you’re a blogger, are you still in love with your own theme? So many questions, I know, but I really value your feedback.

Happy Friday…or Saturday to my Aussie/Kiwi friends.

spring bulb banner collage

30 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Thematically Speaking

  1. Oh my stars – I do NOT like this ‘theme’. I’m not sure if it is just my connection at the moment or if it works this way – but your ongoing conversation with lilypup slid off to my right and ended up being one word per line for what seemed like metres.

    This is a success in that it is about as far from your original theme layout as possible.

    I LOVE my theme – it has everything where I want it and can find it and my motto is ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it’. I can see why the university might suggest you try something new – for instance if you were using this one almost anything else would be better 🙂

    I like two columns – the side bar where you can search if required and pick up on any other little interesting bits are happening [like your countdown which has been relegated to the bottom underneath the box I am writing in now – and who will read that if they have to wade through one word per line conversations, no matter how interesting!]

    I also agree with lilypup about the lack of colour. A blog with a garden theme needs to be a riot of colour or at least a place of tranquil greens………..Bring back ‘Misty Lake’ I say 🙂 xoxo


    • Pauline, the same thing is happening on this end, so it’s not your computer or your concentration. The nesting of comments is strange.

      I love that saying ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ It’s good to trying something new, if only to learn that the grass (and the blog theme) is greener on the other side.

      Thanks for your input, Pauline. It’s good to have perspective through your artist’s eyes.


  2. I’m with Pauline on this one. I don’t care for it. I played with mine a bit too but I have an odd criteria for a theme. The print has to be large. I’m so visually impaired that I can’t even see what I’m posting on my page. I need things to be simple. I’d love to know how to put my own photos across the top or have like rows of books but Tech Support hasn’t had a free moment to help me look. He put up two more shelves today and applies to 4 or 5 jobs a week plus all the other stuff. Like I said, the tech part is what stopped me with Blogging 101. I like all the info in the sidebar. That’s how I find the people I want to follow. If they stop by your place often, they are usually great people to read. 🙂 I know that’s cheating but it works for me. I had the same view of the comments going off the page. 😦


    • It’s been unanimously disliked by all. Isn’t that wonderful?

      Good riddance to WW; welcome back Misty Lake.

      Marlene, you may already know this, but if you are using a PC, you can enlarge your view by holding the control key, while at the same time hitting the + key. I’ve enlarged my screen considerably when my eyes are tired.

      Your tech support is a busy man. I wish him the best in his job search. Is the market doing well near Sleepy Hollow?

      As for finding other bloggers in the sidebar, I don’t think that’s cheating at all. There is always a good chance that your friends will like your other friends, so I think the same holds true for blogging.


  3. The comments on comments has made me laugh Alys! Yes, your other theme was really nice and I suppose I had got used to it. I immediately missed your header this week when you changed over, and the white background is too much, so I’m glad you will change back! I am mostly happy with my theme – certainly with the format and options. I think I’ve been using it for at least two years now. Have a great weekend!


  4. Since I’m so behind, I read all of your posts, LiKED them but am commenting here.
    I think I already told you that I’m enjoying reading about this process. Finding new blogs to follow, exploring your message, learning new skills, and considering a new theme.
    The way the comments go way off to the right is strange isn’t it?
    And this Theme does seem a bit plain for someone as amazing and colorful as you.
    I’m impressed with you, Alys, and your adventure in Blogging 101!


  5. I actually like Misty Lake. I like the colour of the background and the layout. It’s fun to play with different ones though. I don’t see your gallery with the cute round photo’s though. That didn’t follow you to this theme I guess. I’ve looked thru the theme choices a few times but never see another one I really like. I liked the way your photo collage lined up. It looks like a flower rainbow. I spend the entire day running around the city for the shower. I think I have everything now and almost finished decorating projects. I miss you and can’t wait for Washington. I’ve been way too busy. xoxoxo K/B/P


    • It was fun, but I’m so over it! LOL. I think you missed the bizarre comment nesting that happened along with the former post. By the third comment, the sentences were appearing with one or two lines, or sliding off the page entirely. Crazy!

      When I reverted back to Misty Lake, I lost all my widgets. I had to rebuild my countdown, and all the other things you see in the sidebar. I’ll see if the gallery still exists and if not, will build another one…in my spare time. Ha!

      Thanks for noticing the flower rainbow. It needed some color, so that was my intent. I sized it like a banner, then arranged in rainbow order. You notice everything. ((((Boomdee))))

      Wow, that shower is keeping you hopping. Is that coming up this weekend? I hope to see some of the pictures of all your hardwork.

      It has been way to busy. I have three different moving clients this month, all needing slightly different things. Oh my aching back.

      Miss you oodles and oodles and doodles.

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