LEGOLAND: Green Amid the Bricks

We’re here in sunny Carlsbad for a few days visiting LEGOLAND California.  My youngest son is 12, so this may be our last visit.  He commented early in the day that he thought there would be more “mature people” in the park.  Like me, he remembers the good times we had when he was younger.  He’s been cutting his teeth on daredevil roller coaster rides back home, so finds the rides here rather tame by comparison.   That said, it’s a wonderful place to bring children.  Several rides are interactive, allowing the rider  to participate.  LEGOLAND is airy and uncrowded with several outlets for spontaneous creativity.  Water figures prominently throughout the park.  They’ve added a separate water park since we were last here, which we plan to explore tomorrow.

We’re traveling with friends who are easy-going and fun so we’re enjoying each other’s company.  It drives the boys nuts when the moms stop to take photos.  If you’ve spent time in the company of a 12 year-old you know that annoying them is easy.  It’s an adolescent right of passage.

We took pictures anyway!  Here are a few highlights of the day:

Miniland: Las Vegas, Lego Style

Tall grasses line the edges of the lagoon

Rock Concert: Singing Rocks
We will, we will, rock you!

Tasmanian Tree Fern ‘Dicksonia Antarctica’

Trivia for the day: 53 million LEGOs used to build models throughout LEGOLAND California.