LEGOLAND: Green Amid the Bricks

We’re here in sunny Carlsbad for a few days visiting LEGOLAND California.  My youngest son is 12, so this may be our last visit.  He commented early in the day that he thought there would be more “mature people” in the park.  Like me, he remembers the good times we had when he was younger.  He’s been cutting his teeth on daredevil roller coaster rides back home, so finds the rides here rather tame by comparison.   That said, it’s a wonderful place to bring children.  Several rides are interactive, allowing the rider  to participate.  LEGOLAND is airy and uncrowded with several outlets for spontaneous creativity.  Water figures prominently throughout the park.  They’ve added a separate water park since we were last here, which we plan to explore tomorrow.

We’re traveling with friends who are easy-going and fun so we’re enjoying each other’s company.  It drives the boys nuts when the moms stop to take photos.  If you’ve spent time in the company of a 12 year-old you know that annoying them is easy.  It’s an adolescent right of passage.

We took pictures anyway!  Here are a few highlights of the day:

Miniland: Las Vegas, Lego Style

Tall grasses line the edges of the lagoon

Rock Concert: Singing Rocks
We will, we will, rock you!

Tasmanian Tree Fern ‘Dicksonia Antarctica’

Trivia for the day: 53 million LEGOs used to build models throughout LEGOLAND California.

5 thoughts on “LEGOLAND: Green Amid the Bricks

  1. I knew I could count on you for an informative report from LEGOLAND! Glad to hear you’re having fun. I’d been wondering about LEGOLAND, never having been there myself. I’ve heard a number of positive reviews, and I appreciate your description. My sis and her three kids (ages 8 and 9) are coming next week, and in addition to the requisite day at Disneyland, I’m considering a trip to LEGOLAND. Sounds like a worthwhile excursion! Thanks for sharing!


    • I’m so glad you saw this. I think 8 and 9 are perfect ages. It’s very low key. One moderately scary roller coaster, lots and lots of water play, good food (yes…a them park with good food) and lines averaging 5 to 20 minutes long. Starting next week they are open until 8:00. Go take a look at their website to learn more and to see if it might appeal to them. They have fresh fruit stands with whole fruit and the Garden restaurant has cups of cut strawberries, pineapple and melon. Bottled water everywhere. They have the junk too, but they promote the healthy stuff. Must have: Granny Fries (apple slices cut like french fries, rolled in cinnamon with a vanilla dipping “sauce”. It looks like whipped cream so it may be dairy, but the apple slices are delicious.


      • Thanks again for the detailed review. I’d looked at the website, but especially appreciate word-of-mouth feedback from trusted sources! Seems there’s more to LEGOLAND than I’d imagined. It does sound like it would be a fun and different kind of experience to have with my sis and her kids, so I’ll look into the possibility of putting it on our recreation calendar while they’re here! Thanks again and enjoy the rest of your trip!


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