A Place to Call Home

The Stones Were Laid into the Outer Ring

Kismet!  The remaining garden patio stones found a home today.

Our talented designer incorporated many of the stones into the new patio design and they look sublime!  Additional stones created a curving walkway along the vegetable garden.  Still, so many remained.

Garden Pathway

Hoping these bronze beauties could find a second life, I placed a call to friends in the community.  They were in the planning stages of their own back yard and guess what?  They’ve been looking at natural stone to incorporate into their own garden design.  Several wheelbarrow trips later, the beautiful bronze stones have found a new home.  The ever- gracious recipients said:

We are thrilled to have such an opportunity to use your beautiful stones in our yard project.

We are so grateful to you that you believe so strongly in the value of re-using!  It really is a wonderful and useful way to live in community. I’m happy you are getting the backyard you’ve always wanted too. It looks great and more functional.

Once again, we have a need for what you now don’t…..and we are most appreciative. The timing of this is remarkable. Thank you.

Finding the perfect “home” for those stones has had me smiling all day.

Tower of Bronze Stones

Have Wheelbarrow, Will Travel