Garden Party

Blue and Gold

It was a lovely day, surrounded by dear old friends gathered to celebrate Mike’s 50th.  Our friend Laura baked an incredible cake, as delicious as it was beautiful.

In a state known for moderate temperatures, California did not disappoint.  We enjoyed mid-eighties, with a welcome breeze, though we ended up back indoors to light the candles on the cake.

Mike and his friend of 30 years ended the day watching the solar eclipse through binoculars on the front deck.  Such a joyous day in the garden.

Taking Sun Near the Garden Beds

Laura’s Cake Sets Sail

The Crowd

Order Restored

Observing the Solar Eclipse

The Seamstress of Swing: Sew What?

Before and After

I can swing again!

Several interruptions, one broken needle, and thirty minutes of hair-pulling later trying to trouble shoot the fancy electronics on the Bernina and the swing cover is finally done.  Working without a pattern was challenging, but I enjoyed myself.  Alternating between sewing machine and garden, I worked my way through trial fittings as I went along.

I made bias tape for the piping, trim and ties using a continuous bias technique I’ve not used in years.  Thank you Google search and my fellow bloggers for the tutorials.

The swing cover slips on and off in less than two minutes, so it will be a breeze to remove it for cleaning.

We celebrate Mike’s 50th tomorrow with a small gathering of friends (in the back yard of course).  Do you think it would be unseemly for me to take a nap mid-party?

Sew What? A Swing Cover

Sultan of Swing

Sultan of Swing

Make it Modern: How to sew continuous bias or binding.