Sharon’s Way

When we re-landscaped our front garden a few years ago, we added a deck and a ramp. Our criteria was simple: my sister Sharon’s MS limits her mobility.  We wanted a ramp that didn’t look like a ramp, but that enabled her to move from curb to threshold. The amazingly talented JP Bergez came up with this:

ramp collage

Friends seeing this for the first time can’t believe it’s a ramp and not just a walkway. It’s a beautiful example of form follows function, coined by architect Louis Sullivan.

At some point we decided to call it Sharon’s Way with plans to make a sign.  It’s not so much that I procrastinated for (cough, cough) four years (cough, cough). I just couldn’t find anything that I liked. At one point I bought a plastic garage sale sign with stakes thinking I would use that as a base and make my own.  Not knowing where to start, the sign gathered dust.

Then about a month ago it hit me: try Etsy!  For the uninitiated, Etsy is an e-commerce website specializing in vintage and hand-made goodies. The site will hold you captive if you’re not careful, much like Pinterest or Facebook.  Within a few clicks, I found a vendor that makes light-weight, metal signs and will customize your order.  Bingo!

sharon's way ramp

Sharon’s Way

Dot 2 Dot Designs

Dot 2 Dot Designs

sign closeup

Close-up Details

You order and pay for the sign, then she sends you a design based on your parameters. I wanted something simple using our favorite colors of purple and green. Sharon also loves dragonflies. The sign arrives in two pieces, then links together with binder rings. I attached our sign to an old miniature flag post and staked it along the garden path.

You can see Wendy’s other creations in her Etsy shop at Dot 2 Dot Designs.

Etsy Love

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