Sharon’s Way

When we re-landscaped our front garden a few years ago, we added a deck and a ramp. Our criteria was simple: my sister Sharon’s MS limits her mobility.  We wanted a ramp that didn’t look like a ramp, but that enabled her to move from curb to threshold. The amazingly talented JP Bergez came up with this:

ramp collage

Friends seeing this for the first time can’t believe it’s a ramp and not just a walkway. It’s a beautiful example of form follows function, coined by architect Louis Sullivan.

At some point we decided to call it Sharon’s Way with plans to make a sign.  It’s not so much that I procrastinated for (cough, cough) four years (cough, cough). I just couldn’t find anything that I liked. At one point I bought a plastic garage sale sign with stakes thinking I would use that as a base and make my own.  Not knowing where to start, the sign gathered dust.

Then about a month ago it hit me: try Etsy!  For the uninitiated, Etsy is an e-commerce website specializing in vintage and hand-made goodies. The site will hold you captive if you’re not careful, much like Pinterest or Facebook.  Within a few clicks, I found a vendor that makes light-weight, metal signs and will customize your order.  Bingo!

sharon's way ramp

Sharon’s Way

Dot 2 Dot Designs

Dot 2 Dot Designs

sign closeup

Close-up Details

You order and pay for the sign, then she sends you a design based on your parameters. I wanted something simple using our favorite colors of purple and green. Sharon also loves dragonflies. The sign arrives in two pieces, then links together with binder rings. I attached our sign to an old miniature flag post and staked it along the garden path.

You can see Wendy’s other creations in her Etsy shop at Dot 2 Dot Designs.

Etsy Love

A number of my friends and fellow bloggers sell art and wares on Etsy.  Please consider showing them some love by checking out their site.

Gorgeous Handmade Crochet and Vintage Home-wares

Whimsical Art, Hand-Crafted Cards and Sparkly Things

Organic Flower Essence Aromatherapy & Consultation

Feathers, nests and other original drawings

20 thoughts on “Sharon’s Way

  1. I don’t very often wish for things that are out of my reach – but really, I wish I had a sister like you! Sharon is a most fortunate person to have you in her life …………… I don’t say that lightly either as I do understand about living with MS – I had a friend who bravely bore his situation for many years from the age of 18,

    You are quite inspirational in your ability to convert caring about people into practical – and beautiful – reality! This is just another example. The sign is beautiful, the walkway is beautiful, but the intent behind the sign and the walkway is what touches my heart and soul deeply.

    Bless you! 🙂 You have made me smile in wonder today. xoxo

    Oh [eek, almost forgot] thank you for the Etsy link – just more proof of what I have attempted to convey here! 🙂

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    • My goodness, Pauline, you have such a way with words. Your comments made me glow with love and appreciation. You are a gift to me and to others who are lucky to know you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the tips of my toes.

      MS from 18 on is a cruel thing indeed. Sharon was diagnosed at 40, but unfortunately she has Primary Progressive MS, not Relapsing-Remitting. That means she’s never had a remission. Her mobility went from off balance, to needing a cane, then a walker and a part-time scooter. Then she fell at the Y and broke her hip, and even after months of dedicated PT, she never regained that mobility. She doesn’t give into it though. She swims at the Y 7 days a week. She still works full time, and though there are many things she can no longer do, I think her swimming, yoga, acupuncture and the occasional massage make a difference.




  2. Wow! You have no idea how special I feel ;0)

    You and Mike do so much for me. I love the ramp, I love the Sharon’s Way sign, and I don’t think I have the words to express my appreciation for all that you do for me every day.

    Thanks for being such an awesome sister. I feel very lucky. Hugs to you.

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  3. Can I just say Ditto to what Pauline said? I wish I had her way with words!
    Alys, you are just the coolest person … I love your passion for the earth, for books, for family and for friends … and of course you are talented in so many way.
    You and Sharon are so fortunate to have one another.
    Oh! and the sign is awesome 🙂

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    • (((LB))) I’m feeling so much love here. Your words equally touch me, heart and soul.

      No one ever told me I was cool before. I’m fluffing up my feathers now. 😉

      You are equally passionate about many things, and put your time and energy into all of them. You raised your son as a single mom, you tend to women’s health every day, you advocate for parks, trails, road safety and embrace a wide circle of friends.

      I am lucky to have Sharon in my life.


  4. Dear sweet Alys. It’s like waking up to a big warm hug. First reading your touching post, then all the beautiful comments. You are so giving with your heart, we all see it in your words and actions everyday. I just feel blessed that you are in my life.
    I remember one of the first times I spotted your yard here at Nirvana, I was immediately impressed and thought how original and cool it all looked. Then you mentioned you’d worked with an architect and I was even more impressed. Now, since I’ve gotten to love both you and Sharon and spend time together, I see it in a whole new light. It’s gone from just a really cool, professionally planned garden to a most beautiful piece of your heart. I’m really happy you and Sharon have each other and made room for lil’ ol’ me to squeeze in there. It’s a nice cozy spot and I feel your love everyday.
    Really sweet to dedicate it all to Sharon with her very own signage. The font is perfect. I like the flag stand you’ve hung it on too. Love to you and Sharon, I think of you both with a full heart and miss you tons. Sending one more hug and mwaaaaa xoK


  5. And here is more evidence of why we all love and follow you. Pauline expressed it best. I’m tired and almost can’t put a sentence together but if I could, that’s what I would say. I love the look of the walkway and the idea of the sign. I love your kind heart. I’m sure Sharon has one too. Her photos look like she does. Life brings us together that way so you have reasons to do those wonderful things. Time to get back to work. 😉 Hugs and thanks for all the links. I’ll be checking out more on Etsy soon.


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