Just a Day in the Garden

Things are humming along in the garden these days.  Our tomatoes and raspberries are jockeying for position, and the basil is finally growing up. If you look carefully, you can see it in the lower, right corner of the box near the hose  I was too lazy to put away. [ahem]

tomato, basil and raspberries

Tomatoes, Raspberries and Basil

The potatoes I didn’t plant, jumped the edge of the box, happy in the heat.  The strawberries look nice, but for the first time in my gardening history, they’ve been over run by ants.  Ack!  I reached in for a juicy red berry and came out with a handful of swarming ants along with the fruit.  When I did find an unencumbered strawberry, it looked great but tasted bland.  I think this is the last season for them.

strawberries and potatoes

Compost potatoes spill from the box

My EarthBox pumpkins are growing well, but for some reason the water wicking system isn’t working.  I’ve had to hand water three days in a row as they’re drooping by mid day.  I may remove the compost covers tomorrow when it’s still cool and give them a long soak.  I’ll let you know it that does the trick.

Ever-mischievous Mouse the cat cornered an iridescent lizard on the garden path.  I put Mouse in a ‘time out’ for a spell, then encouraged the tiny lizard to make haste. He was happy to oblige.

Western Fence Lizard

Western Fence Lizard

Mouse asleep

Mouse looks innocent when he’s asleep

One of the squirrels dropped by and offered to sample the apricots and plums.  Just a couple of bites out of each one should do it.  Yep, yep…carry on, carry on.  Nothing to worry about here.

half eaten fruit

Sampled Fruit

grey squirrel

Taste testing the fruit: we passed!

I have a new theory about their bushy tails. I think that’s where they store their ego.

In better news, the  fruit covered in netting remains untouched.  Hurray for that.

Thanks for following along on my garden adventures. Your companionable comments are among the highlights of my day.