Wouldn’t You Like to Eat This Pepper, Too?

Peculiar pepper poetry in four verses

I planted peppers side by side,
in lovely soil they do reside.
From Bonnie Plants they first did grow
Now I have them in a row.

Small at first, they slowly grew,
As often happens, summer flew.
Before I knew it, the plants were leaning,
This happy gardener, smiling, preening.

Crisp green peppers now were mine.
I sliced them open, they’d be divine.
They tasted…awful, how can this be?
Did my garden peppers turn on me?

I puzzled through with careful thought.
They looked so good, but clearly not.
I found their tag in my garden plot.
It was orange peppers I had bought!


Bonnie Plants: Peppers


Yellow But Never Mellow

While snapping pictures of my yellow blooms, I found the song Mellow Yellow rattling around in my head.  The Donovan tune is mellow, but the references uncovered on Wikipedia take it out of the realm of a G-rated post.  You can read more about his inspiration on Wiki.  I smiled!

I’m just mad about sunflowers…

Helianthus in profile

Helianthus in profile

Helianthus closeup

Helianthus closeup



4 O'Clock Flower

4 O’Clock Flower ready to bloom

Lemon yellow coleus

Lemon yellow coleus

Dedicated to Mrs. Marion Bloom