Flowering The Red Carpet

Are you watching the Academy Awards?  I love theater, film and most of all costumes so I tune in for the sound bites and frills. We record the show ahead of time, because, let’s face it, it’s an *awards* show.

While it’s fun to watch the Hollywood A-List stars on the red carpet, double-Spanxed and elegantly dressed, I’ve noticed a distinct lack of floral dresses on display.

Here’s what I was hoping to see instead:

flower dress

Who needs a pair of Spanx when you have a gorgeous bouquet around your midsection?
Photo Credit: Linda Miller, Pinterest

New York couture

Laura Clare: New York Flower Show

trailing flower dress

Floral Dress: Credited to Khun K via Pinterest

They aren’t giving out any awards for “Best Gardening Halloween Costume in a Small Blogging Community” but if they were, I was ready.

Halloween 2010

Halloween 2010