Flowering The Red Carpet

Are you watching the Academy Awards?  I love theater, film and most of all costumes so I tune in for the sound bites and frills. We record the show ahead of time, because, let’s face it, it’s an *awards* show.

While it’s fun to watch the Hollywood A-List stars on the red carpet, double-Spanxed and elegantly dressed, I’ve noticed a distinct lack of floral dresses on display.

Here’s what I was hoping to see instead:

flower dress

Who needs a pair of Spanx when you have a gorgeous bouquet around your midsection?
Photo Credit: Linda Miller, Pinterest

New York couture

Laura Clare: New York Flower Show

trailing flower dress

Floral Dress: Credited to Khun K via Pinterest

They aren’t giving out any awards for “Best Gardening Halloween Costume in a Small Blogging Community” but if they were, I was ready.

Halloween 2010

Halloween 2010

18 thoughts on “Flowering The Red Carpet

  1. I was cruising along thru your post, thinking: Oh that’s gorgeous, mmmmm, WOW what a lot of flowers and then BOOM! Look at you! You managed to be adorable and sexy all at the same time. Love that hair, va-voom! How did you keep all those leaves in place? Love the headpiece too with the mini pumpkin up there LOL, all too cute. The winner for ‘Best Original Garden Queen’, hands down. 🙂


    • Thank you, sweet Boomdee. I had a good time making that costume, my anti-meat dress a la Lady Gaga. I bought three pieces of ‘bok choi’ from a restaurant supply store and sewed them to a lettuce-colored slip dress purchased at a thrift store for $7. I sewed plastic grapes, a foam pumpkin and a fabric apple together and attached them to a headband. It was silly and fun, but a lot of people didn’t get it without a lengthy explanation. (I can never do anything simple)


  2. I would have loved to have seen Lady Gaga in a bouquet dress instead of a meat one! They certainly are beautiful creations and you are the Queen of Fancy Dress! Gorgeous x


    • Oh, PJ, you’ve read my mind. That is exactly what this costume was responding to: Lady Gaga’s meat dress. I love her music and her outrageousness, but that meat dress was repulsive on so many levels (did I mention, too, that I’m a vegetarian. Ick!

      So, I bought a Gagaesque wig, and a green slip from a thrift store, then added faux fruits and vegetables.

      Did you see Ellen give her a two piece bathing suit made out of fresh lettuce?


    • That’s actually a fun idea. Do you dress up for Halloween at all? Attend any parties?

      We love celebrating. I’m a child at heart when it comes to costumes.

      Thanks for your lovely comments, GS.


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