Friends, if you aren’t already following Boomdeeada, you are definitely missing out. Check out her latest “Gnome Sweet Home.” She’s created a charming ‘garden within a garden’ and recently received the kitty-cat stamp of approval. Enjoy!


I live in a little forest

with moss to tickle my feet

I’m the happiest little Gnome

that you will ever meet

Garden Gnome

My home is very tiny

just big enough for me

from my view up on the hill

the valley below I see

Gnome Home

Oh look, there’s Romeo waiting

halfway down the walk

A sweet little friend of mine

we laugh and play or talk.

 My friend Romeo

I also made a garden

for fairy’s one and all

you’ll have to look so very close

as it is really small

 My Fairy Garden

As I look out over my Kingdom

all the glory that I see

I can’t help get that feeling

that someones watching me

 Someone's watching me

Well, off I go to wander

there’s so much I want to see

I’m sure I heard a fairy singing

just beyond that tree.

My Little Kingdome

 Drop in on Sunday for the genesis of

Gnome Sweet Home. See you…

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  1. Awwww, thanks ((((( Alys )))) for reblogging. I would never have had the inclination if not for you. I’m crazy for this little guy and have spend the last couple of days contemplating his name. I haven’t nailed that down yet, but you will hear it first. xoK mwwwaaaa!


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