Watercolor Tulips

Watercolor TulipThe first of the tulips are up, unfurling petals like the strokes of a water-colored canvas. I love the way they look just before they open. Wouldn’t it be fun to peak inside the tightly coiled flower? Do you think they have a secret to tell?

In a few more days they’ll open revealing a colorful, reproductive center. Then quietly, one by one, the petals drop and the tulip is done for the season. If you went on an ill-timed vacation you could miss the whole thing.

I have a dear friend who attends the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival most years. She has several pictures showing rows and rows of growing tulips and a few with her posing among the rows. I have to giggle at my excitement over a pair of tulips, when I think of that sea of flowers. Perhaps I’ll get to go one day, too. For now, I’m enjoying the pair of tulips in the planter on my back steps, marveling at nature’s perpetual beauty.

Potted tulips

Potted tulips

Ready to spring forth

Ready to spring forth

For Kecker


23 thoughts on “Watercolor Tulips

  1. I’m a big fan of tulips too and can completely understand your excitement, even over two perfect specimens. I planted so many over the years at the lake and was always thrilled by their appearance early in the spring and some in June too. It would be amazing to attend a festival to see oceans of them on display all in one spot. I might have to sneak back to the lake in May, but I fear I might be disappointed at the state of things.


    • Oh, I think it might be hard to go back to a beloved place like that. My dad built a beautiful garden from the ground up in Ontario. It was his passion. When we sold the house, the new owners weren’t too keen on a garden. I know he was heartsick over it.

      I’ll be interested to see what blooms along the rock wall. The tulips are all up, but no buds or blooms just yet. Makes me want to plant 100 next year. Did you put in a lot each year?


      • Your poor dad. I can imagine his disappointment.

        I used to buy a couple of bags at Costco every year. I think there’d be maybe 24 per bag, I can’t really recall for sure. I think the bulbs looked really nice for 2 or 3 years and then maybe no flower would bloom, just green leaves. So I constantly added to them because I didn’t want blank spots or holes.

        They were so inexpensive at Costco, 100 would be no problem and WOW, they’d be gorgeous!


        • Well you’ve convinced me that a trip to Costco this fall is def in order. I’ve read that they don’t last for ever (sad) so I’ll need to keep replenishing like you did. I fear the tulips near the rock wall aren’t getting enough sun. The three in the pots look fantastic, but the rest are still just green.

          I chilled mine in the fridge for six weeks, too, since we don’t get the cold weather.


  2. So thought Alys, and I’m heading up there in three weeks to see my precious tulips and Lisa and her family. Miss you lots!! Xoxo


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