ScrapHappy: Tablecloth

Thank you, Kate, of Tall Tales from Chiconia, for inspiring us to put our scraps to good use. I enjoy the challenge but don’t often make, photograph, and post on the same day. Phew!

It’s not the first time I pulled out this green scrap of outdoor material. I considered making a tablecloth this time last year but then realized it had white paint near the center. I vaguely remember using the material as a drop cloth (silly me) or simply getting it too close to an outdoor painting project. So I folded the scrap and put it away.

I found this lovely silky square in my “treasure” drawer a few days ago. The drawer is a place to keep small gifts and tokens of remembrance that don’t otherwise have a home. This lovely Tana Lawn pocket square is a gift from my friend Kelly. She brought it back from her trip to England a few years back. Something clicked in my brain, and I thought: I bet that matches the green fabric (it does), and I wonder if it will cover the paint (yes, it will). The tablecloth was a simple make, both pretty and practical, with a touch of friendship on the side.

Please visit these crafty makers below to see what they have to share this month. Welcome, Hannah!

If you want to join us for ScrapHappy each month, please get in touch with Kate at this link.

Happy scrappy, everyone.

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36 thoughts on “ScrapHappy: Tablecloth

    • Thank you, Kate. Sir Mouse enjoys my time outdoors, and he’s also enjoying the other make from this green fabric: a small kitty “mattress.” He didn’t use it on the half kitty-condo, but as soon as I put it in a tray from the plant nursery he was all in.

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  1. I couldn’t tell if you stitched the square fabric to the table cloth or just covered it up in that area. Either way, Looks lovely in the garden. It’s nice you have a gardening buddy so you aren’t lonesome out there.


    • I fused the Liberty square to the center so that it didn’t slip. When I went to sew it, I realized it would hold without it. Mouse loves to track my every move. He’s part dog, and you won’t convince me otherwise. 😉

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  2. There you go again, it’s something from nothing. Or what some would perceive as nothing. Great repurpose Alys. I have so many table cloths, I need to edit. Once they get a stain on them, I’m not into them anymore. I hang on to some of them to cover tender things in the fall. Typically we can still have warm’ish days but below freezing overnight. It’ll be interesting to see what happens this fall as the weather is anything but typical lately 😀 💛xK


    • Thank you, Kelly! I’m so happy to have put that cute little square to good use along with the last of that upholstery fabric. I have an assortment of table sizes, so it was nice to make this cloth to cover one of two round tables. I have three clothes for the large round table, and then a few more for the oval table inside. It adds up, eh? I saw a few days ago that Alberta is already experiencing wildfires. It feels so early. I remember the crazy heat last year in places like Canada that don’t generally see that kind of heat. England and France as well. Thanks for the visit.

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