A Week in Pictures: March Draws to a Close

We woke up Wednesday morning to grey skies but no rain. I thought we missed the hyped storm, but it was running late.

By mid-morning, the skies darkened, and the rain followed. Between 10 and 2, we had thunderstorms, followed by hail, which eventually gave way to sunshine. Cold temperatures left a shallow layer of snow in the foothills.

I can’t remember a time when we sampled such varied weather.

The winds remained at bay, and the power stayed on, but we stayed vigilant about falling trees.

I paid a visit to my favorite crafting store and saw the remains of this once-towering tree. Unfortunately, one of the recent storms toppled the tree, lifting the sidewalk as it crashed across the drive, smashing into a small sign. Thankfully no one was hurt.

Thursday and Friday delivered uneventful weather, and today we enjoyed warm, clear, and sunny skies.

Our cats, Tessa and Mouse, are sleeping soundly after a day of fresh air and sunshine. They used to quibble over the basket on the table behind the couch, so now there are two. Never mind that they have dozens of cozy spots for slumber throughout the house. Like toddlers, bickering is more fun.

I replaced my label-maker after 15 years of reliable service, never imagining it would double as a chin rest.

Intoxicating Freesias continues to dominate in the garden, with purples and reds joining the earlier yellow and white mix. The nasturtiums are back, and several nepeta have self-seeded as well. Now that the hydrangea is covered in fresh leaves, pink and blue flowers will soon follow.

April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.

-William Shakespeare

30 thoughts on “A Week in Pictures: March Draws to a Close

  1. A lovely post. Apart from the extreme nature of it you could be describing the weather changes in a day that I have always known. Fallen trees like that litter our forest. The paving pattern looks exquisite.


    • Thank you, Derrick. California, especially the Bay Area, mostly has temperate, well-behaved weather. Historically, hail in March or temps over 100F in the summer were unheard of. Unfortunately, as with many other places, we are now experiencing extremes. Some of the higher elevations in California have been snowed in for weeks. For example, Lake Tahoe has had 715 inches of snow this season, close to 200% of normal. This is all good news, though, for the reservoirs and of course, the ski and snowboarding buffs.

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  2. Oh, the scent those freesias must have. Yet another thing I can’t grow here… I envy you those, but not the weather you’re having. At least our storms are warm, if not actually hot.


  3. It’s been quite a March, hasn’t it? Let’s hope the bad weather is over for a while. A long while! Your patio is oh so lovely. You must spend quite a lot of time out there. Funny how the cats bicker over the basket. Our cats bickered over similar things.


  4. Your garden looks like it’s quite happy with the weather report. The hail can take it’s toll as well as the wind. The weather reporters give you the worst case scenario so you will be happy that it wasn’t so bad. Tessa and Mouse look quite cozy behind the sofa. I’m so ready for the wind to slow down so I can get outside. But it’s BAAACK! ;(


      • It isn’t weird to have wind hurt your ears. I always tell people it messes with my IONS. I feel very unsettled by wind and it hurts my left ear so much that I have to keep it covered in wind. From the Bells. It was off the charts today and yesterday with gusts up to 50mph. Wednesday we get a break. I forgot to take a picture today. Have made a little mess and got one project in the mail today. I’ll remember in the morning. I made a note of it. 🙂


  5. The things you can grow in CA !! I can only imagine how yummy your yard smells just now. I adore those buttery coloured freesia.
    How fabulous to get so much moisture this spring. The earth and wildlife will be happily drinking it up. Too bad about the fallen giant. Hopefully the wood can be used for something.
    What did you scoop up at the scrapbook store? 💗k

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    • Thank you for stopping by. Spring has been a mixed bag, by I’m happy to report that we’ve had a lovely few days here with more in the forecast. I hope the same is true for you. Cats do come by their adorablessness naturally. It’s quite the skill.

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