Weekend Anniversaries

It’s Memorial Day weekend here in the States. It’s also the fifth anniversary of a tiny kitten named Tessa finding her way into the battery compartment of Mike’s Tesla.

Just freed from the battery compartment
Tessa, 7 weeks old, in my sister’s arms

Five years ago, freeing her from the car required a trip across town to the service center, 45 minutes, and three experts. You can read real the full story here.

We instantly fell in love with this striking little love and named her Tessa. Now the feline count is three.

Like many felines, Tessa can be aloof, but she also surprises us with sweet hugs. She climbs into your lap, then places each paw across your neck or chest, emitting a soft purr. It’s endearing and worth the wait.

Tessa, my snuggle bug

This weekend also coincides with my 11th blogging anniversary. It’s been a journey of love and laughter, loss and support, and an unexpected wealth of deep friendships I could never have thought possible. If you’re a blogger, you need no explanation. If you’re reading and thinking about starting a blog, please do.

Blogging has enriched my life. But, I miss it like an old friend when life’s demands put out the call as they have of late. Thanks for joining me in this space. Your presence means more than you know.

Happy Anniversary, Tessa!

17 thoughts on “Weekend Anniversaries

  1. I remember when Tessa came into your life, and in such a dramatic way! How could you not fall in love with her? Lindy is a magnificent grand dame of (nearly) 20. I am certain that in that photo she is demanding a pearl necklace.
    Congratulations on 11 years of blogging. It is always a joy to read your posts, and the friendships we make here are true ones.


    • Hello Anne. Thank you for visiting and for making me smile. I love the idea of Lindy demanding a pearl necklace. You are so funny. Thank you for your friendship all these years and thank you, too, for reading and leaving lovely comments. xo


  2. Happy, happy! What a striking face Tessa has! Also, very impressed that Lindy is almost 20. (I hope our own Little Miss lives that long.) As for blogging…I am with you all the way what a delightful community. Long may you blog.


  3. I can’t believe it’s 5 years already! I remember the first time I saw that striking face and thought “chimera!”, I’d never seen one in real life. I’m so glad to be on the bloggers journey with you. We really do make good friends, as well as lose dear ones (like you, I still have Pauline’s blog up in my list, as well as darling Viv’s).


  4. Happy Gotcha Day to beautiful Tessa and Happy Blogiversary to you, Alys! I agree, blogging does add so much to one’s life. So glad I had my blogging buddies during the pandemic, I would have been lost without them. ❤


  5. Hello lovely Alys and kitties. Little furry loves in your pretty garden, I’m so happy they’ve all found their way to you. I’m happy you found your way to me too. It’s quite amazing to me that the Wanaka crew was born at WordPress. I still think our story warranted an Ellen feature, but she missed out 😃 LOL. She’ll soon have a lot more spare time on her hands, maybe Ellen should write a Blog. 😀 xx 💗💗 Happy Anniversary Tessa!


  6. I don’t even remember how I stumbled across your blog (perhaps you stumbled across mine first)? But your blog certainly has enriched my life :). Can’t believe 5 years have passed since you rescued Tessa; time sure does fly! Happy anniversary to Tessa.


  7. Where has the time gone? 5 years with sweet Tessa already and 11 blogging!! That’s quite a lot to celebrate. I think you started blogging about 6 months ahead of me! I have a blog started but can’t get to finish it yet. I fully understand how hectic life can be and I don’t have so many people or fur babies to care for daily. Good to see you here. I’d miss the connections too. Sending love and hugs.


  8. Hi Alys, I thought I wrote a comment on this post weeks ago but I guess it went on the “to do”. I’m sorry. I wanted to tell you how lovely Tessa is and that I’m so glad you rescued her. I can’t imagine the world without her. 😁

    I do not have the skill set to start a blog of my own but I do love to read other people’s (well the interesting ones) and I am so.pleased that blogging brought you and I together. I still intend to make good on my “threat” one day and come see your lovely garden for myself. Sit on the swing with a cup tea, surrounded by lovely fairies and purring kitties curled in my lap. A good book from the little library.
    I wish it could be soon because maybe I could make you laugh and ease your heart a little. I loved the card and beautiful talisman you made from the bead. I pray the lady found comfort in the love and heart you put into it. I’m praying for you too friend. (I know that prayer is not what you do but I trust our friendship is comfortable enough that you don’t mind if I do)

    Take care sweet lady. I hope the summer has been warm (not unbearably hot) and full of laughter (with or without your clothes on) and love.

    Mine has been busy, helping my mother with some heartache, building fairies gardens (inspired by you) and adding to my bird feeders. I now have two squirrel feeders as well. They have proven to be quite greedy so I don’t fill their feeders every day.

    Thank you for the blog. Keep it up. Please.

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