A Week of Flowering Cheer: Orange

I’m joining Cathy and others for a Week of Flowers, 2021. Cathy is inviting all of us to share a bit of color/colour during these dark and difficult times. Today I’m featuring orange flowers from the garden.

A cluster of California poppies growing near the curb

These brilliant orange poppies are California’s State flower. The soft petals fold into a variety of shapes at the end of lacy green foliage.

Cathy is also growing California poppies in her garden, half way across the world. That makes me smile.

A rich orange nasturtium

Nasturtiums come in a variety of colors, but the true standouts are the orange ones. They pop up in various areas of the garden twice a year, with foliage as beautiful as the flower. Aren’t they something?

I think a mollusk chewed this near-perfect hole in a California Poppy last spring. The fresh drops of rain and the teepee like shape always make me smile. I hope you’re smiling, too.

Thank you for following along.

16 thoughts on “A Week of Flowering Cheer: Orange

  1. I happen to have a few tiger lily in the garden by happenstance. A mislabeled bag. I thought it would be yellow. I’m actually not fond of orange but don’t have the heart to pull them out. Wouldn’t you know it, while other favourites struggle, these seem very hardy and march forth every July. They really look a bit out of place in the pinks and pastels surrounding them, but they don’t care. Very sassy of them hey? xo K


    • I do love a sassy flower. Do you know that my sweet peas are already growing! I’ve had to pull out handfuls from the walkway and gravel area of the garden, but plenty continue to grow in other places.I don’t generally choose orange first myself, but the nasturtiums are great for deterring unwanted insect pests, and they flower in so many beautiful shades of burgundy, orange, yellow and red. I like the variety.

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    • Hello there! It’s nice to see you pop up in my feed. It must have been fun discovering those seeds. My first pack may have come from a magazine, too, come to think of it. I let mine go to seed every year (they look pretty shabby towards the end, but that’s okay), and then I shake them around different areas of the garden. I’ve been beautifully rewarded. I hope you are doing well.


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