A Week of Flowering Cheer: Purple

I’m joining one of my favorite bloggers this week for her Week of Flowers, 2021. Cathy lives in Bavaria and blogs at Words and Herbs. Her garden is stunning. Cathy is inviting all of us to share a bit of color/colour during these dark and difficult times. She wrote:

Last year my Week of Flowers 2020 was such a success, with so many people from around the world joining me and posting wonderful colourful photos from their gardens. It really did me good, and the feedback was amazing. Let’s do it again! All you have to do to join in is post one flowery photo a day, for a week, starting from Wednesday 1st December, 2021. Put a link to your post in the comments section on my daily post, and turn on the sunshine!

Cathy – Words and herbs

Today’s post features vibrant shades of purple. It’s fun revisiting these blooms from earlier this year.

Serbian Bell Flowers

These lovelies bloom in the early days of spring, looking gorgeous as buds and flowers. It lifts my spirits looking at them, knowing they’ll come around again and again.

Salvia in bloom, a hummingbird favorite

Salvia is part of the sage family. The shrub grows well in our semi-arid climate, requiring minimal water once established. It provides a lovely infusion of color all summer.

Purple pom-pom flowers

My final flower of the day is (I think) a Scabiosa. Please correct me if I’m wrong. This one grows in my curb garden, mixing in with a variety of summer bloomers.

Purple is my sister’s favorite color, so it continues to remind me of her. This post is for you Sharon.

Thank you, Cathy, for inviting bloggers around the world to share in the fun.

19 thoughts on “A Week of Flowering Cheer: Purple

  1. Wonderful! Yes, it does raise spirits to think of spring and remember the pleasure our gardens bring us! The last flower is gorgeous. It certainly looks like a scabious, although different to any I have seen here. Thanks for joining in Alys, and have a lovely day! 🤗


  2. Ooh, lovely purpleness. The Scabiosa is beautiful and I think that type is called a ‘pincushion’ or at least one very like it is. Whatever it’s called, it’s gorgeous and very good for bees.

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  3. So many pretty purple flowers for the bees and humming birds. Love the color purple too. Also thinking of your sister and wishing a better outcome. We are in Frankfurt and moving on tomorrow. Jet lag almost under control.You have reminded me to look for the beautiful amongst the concrete. Sending love and hugs. M & H


  4. My favourite is the Scabiosa. I’ve never seen it grown here and it reminds me of a place Lucy Who might live. You know, a gardener from Whoville 😘How wonderful to have green all year round 💗


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